Lori Senecal is the Chief Executive Officer and also a partner of Cirshenbaum Bond & Partners. Ms. Senecal was hired because she was the one appropriate for the position and that other person a great opportunity to be led by an able and vigorous leader. The former leaders hired her so that they can rest and also venture into other businesses since they trust that the position is run well.

She was hired based on merit. Ms. Lori Senecal has a vast experience in running leading multinational agencies. Therefore, with that position, she will enable Kirshenbaum to establish a strong base in New York and even grow to other areas. That post gives her a chance to oversee over $700 billion from different customers such as Panasonic, Diageo, and BMW among other great clients.

Lori is an outstanding leader because she is creative, innovative and thinks of leading which the primary goal for the organization. According to Huffington Post, the organization has always had high executives who served with a passion for their jobs. However, it is like no other executive can compete with her. She has a great resume and has developed her career to advanced levels. She also has a reputation for running such a big company.

To prove that Lori is the best in that position, many CEO’s are confident that she will be a blessing to the company and will lead it to achieve success in its endeavors. There are those who felt that Lori is experienced and has a lot of knowledge concerning management. That would help her in pushing the company to high levels of management. Others also expressed that they know Lori as a person who has strong entrepreneurial skills and she is the best to take the company to its destination.

Senecal had previously worked as a leader at McCann’s flagship in the United States office. She had restored the sanity of the company regarding leadership, and her departure meant that the corporation was disadvantaged and has to look for someone who can fill that position and produce the same results as those of Senecal. It means that the company had to restructure the leadership because when Senecal left, there was a problem with the stability of the leadership.

Ms. Senecal has served other many global organizations and has the skills required to take any leadership position. She is a globally innovative and it she is ready to lead the new team to succeed.

Reference: shootonline.com