Jeremy Goldstein’s law firm, JLG Associates, is one of the most reliable law firms in the country, boasting some of the highest client-satisfaction rates in all fifty states, contesting even some of the most prestigious law firms overseas. Because of his consistently potent work within the industry, Jeremy Goldstein is not one of the easiest people to get a hold of, so when the opportunity presents itself, we must dissect whatever information is available to us as much as possible.


Jeremy Goldstein has recently taken to answering a few questions regarding the nature of the business and of his own work life. His own creative process in actively participating within the world of business is one of the most interesting aspects about Jeremy Goldstein’s character, and it is one of the reasons he stands out within the field of law. Since he has been in the industry for nearly 20 years, he is not often surprised by new issues that come to light, as usually, he will have seen something similar to it in the past. Because of this, Jeremy Goldstein feels perfectly able in dealing with the troubles that come his way; this is reassuring, as he is one of the most practically-gifted lawyers in the modern day, so it would be unfortunate if he felt that the system was presently unstable.


One of the specific aspects of Jeremy Goldstein’s work that makes him stand out among other lawyers is the way he interacts with his clients. He connects himself personally to every issue he comes across, and he works with the client on a person-to-person to level, making sure they are being treated properly by both himself and the system. Because of the benefit having a relationship with your client has been shown to have, Jeremy Goldstein tries to involve himself with every facet of his clients’ lives, hoping that he can fully understand them before he offers them legal advice. Legal advice, in Goldstein’s mind, can be either very helpful or very harmful, so it is important not to dish it out half-baked.


The one thing Goldstein would tell to every young and aspiring lawyers or business/law practitioners of the future is to keep on keeping on. Goldstein himself has reached many difficult points in his life where he thought that no more good would come to him, but the remarkable thing about him is that he simply analyzes whatever hardships he finds himself in and looks for the quickest possible avenue to success.


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