For professionals seeking to make a name out there, it is always important for them to learn from the successful players in their fields. Analyzing these examples enlightens them on what it takes to build and maintain a business. Businesses should meet the clients’ needs and expectations while also making revenues for sustainable growth. Greg Blatt is a top CEO in the online dating industry. He has worked with popular dating companies such as Match Group, Tinder and IAC.

The rise of Greg Blatt.


Greg attributes his rise in the online dating industry to his enterprising and optimistic attitude to business ideas. He has held top-level positions in the Tinder, IAC and Match Group companies. The top positions include a CEO position for the three organizations. Also, Greg was CEO at Tinder and Match Group.  He has also held a vice president counsel position at AIC. The top range positions are only available for top executives, which proves his flexibility in working for different areas.


Before working for three top companies, he was a general counsel and business affairs advisor for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He also held other top-level positions in the firm including that of executive vice president and secretary of the company. Before his ascension to the company, he served in many law firms (1995-1999). Blatt went to Colgate University for his Bachelor of Arts in English and literature/letters. He then proceeded to Columbia University for a doctorate degree and graduated as a doctor of law (Interview).


Part of the reason for his excellence in the business industry is his law background. A law background is necessary for anyone who wants a leadership position. Studying for law instills discipline in a person such as Greg Blatt since the course requires a lot of time and effort. This discipline is necessary for any venture and it the major reason for Greg’s rise. Besides his attention to the customer, satisfaction has made him popular among different clients.



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