Sheldon Lavin will direct OSI Group on their next mission as a company. The food supplier and logistics powerhouse is ready to take their company to new heights. They have so many achievements throughout their century of being in business. But they want Sheldon Lavin to direct the company to being in a position where they have sustainable business practices.

Sheldon Lavin is prepared to assume the executive role of propelling the organization to doing bigger and better things. His experience and history with the company proves he thoroughly knows what it will take for the company to continue to advance and be prosperous. Sheldon Lavin has made a promise to continue to fulfil his duties with the company by making sure they constantly develop, set new records and please their customers.

The evolution of OSI Group is remarkable. They are a billion dollar organization that rakes in tens of millions of dollars monthly. They have a massive presence on an international scale. They work with many other companies, supermarkets and private label food companies. It took a very long time for this brand to evolve into what it is today. Initially, the company was a small business run by a family in Chicago. It served as butcher shop to the city. Later the small business expanded into being a supplier of foods for other companies. Decades later leaders like Sheldon Lavin came onto the scene and watched the company evolve into being a massive brand that acquires smaller companies owns dozens of facilities and employes over twenty thousand people.

OSI Group will complete its mission of being a sustainable and socially conscious company by engaging with new technologies and strategies designed by Sheldon Lavin. OSI Group will powerfully rethink any business methods that they currently do or use that do not align with their new mission and vision. Business practices will be reconstructed to fulfil their new mission. The world will see the dominant food producer as a brand that takes being accountable for their actions as a serious act. In addition, the world will see what great leadership Sheldon Lavin lends to the company.

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