You put moisturizer on your face to keep it soft and looking younger. Most people use moisturizer on their body for most of the same reason. However, for some reason we seem to forget about our lips. Our lips take a lot of abuse during the day. They are used for so many things from kissing our loved ones goodbye when we head out the door to sipping or favorite coffee drink. Our lips need a little love too. The easiest way to show our lips that we are not taking them for granted is to apply lip balm.
There are many benefits to using lip balm. The first one is for sunscreen protection. Lips do get sunburn too. Hydration is also another benefit. Dry lips tend to crack, peel, bleed, and cause other problems. Lip balm also keeps are lips kissable. There is no need to kiss someone with chapped lips. On of the top makers of lip balm is Evolution of Smooth.

Most people know Evolution of Smooth as EOS and recognize their sphere shape container. They still have the tradition tubes that we associate with lip balm for their Smooth Lip Stick line, but otherwise their lip balm is packaged in environmentally friendly spheres. All of their lip balms are created from a variety of fun flavors such as blueberry Acai and passion fruit to name a few. EOS lip balms are available online on Amazon as well as on Walmart.

What makes them stand out from others is the ingredients used. Their organic line is not only made from all natural organic ingredients, but it is also gluten free. All their lip balms contain important ingredients such as vitamin E, Shea butter, and jojoba oil. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Visit their website