The economy is not just about money, it’s the resources and wealth of a country. Not all countries know how to manage their resources wisely, and so there are dedicated professional that are there to help. Ted Bauman spend his early career consulting the United Nations and international governments on how to manage their finances. This meant in an effective and sustainable way. Ted Bauman learned a lot about how economics and politics impact society, and it has helps him in his career as a renowned financial expert today. Ted specializes in educating people on how to protect your assets from big companies who just want your dollar.

The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club were created after he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Ted Bauman moved to Cape Town, South Africa as a young man. He attended the University of Cape Town and studied economics and history. Mr. Bauman went on to have a successful 25 year career in the non-profit sector. Upon arriving back in the United States, Mr. Bauman worked to get a higher education at The State University of New York where he earned a BS degree in business administration. He went back for his Master’s degree finance at Georgia State University in 2001. Ted was able to get his first customer in the writing finance field simply by connection.

His father is a financial writer, so he got to network with a lot of professionals in the field. That is how he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. The most satisfying part of Ted Bauman’s career is to simply do what he loves. Becoming a financial writer and helping people has been the most rewarding thing he has ever done. His business success in the field is due to his good time management skills he believes. The future looks bright for the financial writer. He foresees continuing on his writing journey. He loves educating people on the economy, finances, and everything in between. It’s what interests him. One particular goal Ted Bauman has in mind is to grow his subscriber count over time. For now, he just works hard to provide readers with the best information he can deliver.