JD.com is, no doubt, one of China’s leading e-commerce stores. The chain has recently been on an expansion spree that saw it venture into a whole new industry; rearing chickens. JD saw the need to empower the local community and thus decided to start up a ‘free range’ chicken farm in Wuyi County; one of China’s economically disadvantages regions. Since the start of the program in 2016, tremendous success has been realized as the project went ahead to help boost the economic standing for one of the country’s poorest regions. This is in addition to the fact that it has helped offer the best options for chicken on the JD platform. This success saw JD register double in sales in the first two years.

In its bid to offer quality foods while at the same time giving back to the society, JD has managed to create a profitable niche that has since improved its overall economic standing. The 27-hectare farm is a perfect example of a company committed to meeting the immediate needs of the society while meeting the demands of its online clientele.

The program’s success has been amplified even more by its resolve to offer interest-free loans to farmers who then go ahead to boost their businesses and improve the overall economy of the region. As it stands, the program has seen well over 500 families in the Wuyi County benefit, and this is expected to get even better as the company plans to expand to other areas.

JD uses a simple formula in its chicken rearing project whereby they hire professional breeders on their farm then offer local farmers part-time jobs to maintain the farms or grown fruits and vegetables. These will then be used to feed the chicken. Living in an era where most farmers have resolved to the ‘caged’ method of rearing chicken, JD decided to do things differently in its bid to offer a much healthier and more ethical choice to consumers when it comes to getting access to chicken meat. With this, the company hopes that the rest can follow suit and offer even better choices.

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