Matt Badiali is the founder of the popular financial newsletter Real Wealth Strategist which focuses on natural resources investing. He started out as a scientist. He studied geology at Penn State University and earned a master’s degree in this subject at Florida Atlantic University. He was working towards a Ph.D. in this subject when a friend of his convinced him to begin a career in finance.

This friend helped the average invest their money but he didn’t have the educational background to help people who wanted to invest in natural resources, energy, and metals. Matt Badiali was tasked with writing his investment advice for these assets in a way that a regular person would find engaging and informative. When he writes he says that he thinks of his parents who really struggled when it came to figuring out how to invest their money. He figured he could use his unique mix of education and experience to help people earn money and meet their financial goals.

Since that time about a decade ago Matt Badiali has been helping investors navigate metals, energy, and natural resources. The people who have subscribed to his newsletters have often made double and even triple-digit returns. Real Wealth Strategist is his latest publication, launching in May 2017. This newsletter is provided to readers through Florida-based Banyan Hill Publishing. His subscriber base grew rapidly and they are now located across the United States. To know more about him click here.

In order to invest in his area of expertise, Matt Badiali says that you need to have a firm grip on science, markets, finance, and companies. He spends his workday mornings writing for around two or three hours. He can finish up to three pages a day and sometimes four if he is on a tear. He then spends his time reading the news and finishing his correspondence with others. His afternoon is spent meeting with others, talking on the phone, and reading materials so he stays up to date on his type of investing. He finishes off the workday writing for an hour but he says he has learned he isn’t a very productive writer past noon.

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