Cassio Audi co-founded the Brazilian rock band, Viper, in 1985. He started it with other young teenage friends Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, Yves Passarell, and Pit Passarell. The sound of their music was heavily influenced by the heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, and other famous bands from England. Viper incorporated different genres into its music, most often power metal, alternative rock, thrash metal, and heavy metal.


It was in 1985 that they entered the music scene with their extremely well received first demo, The Killera Sword. In 1987 the band released their first official album, the still legendary, Soldiers of Sunrise. It was an instant huge hit and the band sold more than 10,000 copies almost immediately. Audi remained its incredibly influential drummer and songwriter until 1989 when he left the band to pursue a financial career.

After obtaining a degree in the area, he immediately entered the industry and in a few years was an executive of financial management.