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29 Jul 2019

Serge Belamant Made History In Financial Technology  0

In the last few years, the concept of blockchain has been brought up a lot lately when it comes to talks about cryptocurrency and other digital transactions. While you may have only recently heard about the technology, the concept behind blockchain was created and patented years ago by Serge Belamant while working with a major credit card company. The computer scientist was not new to financial technology when he and his team from Net1 began working with what became known as blockchain. Prior to this creation, Serge Belamant was known for the creation of a welfare distribution system that was being used in South Africa, Russia, and other countries around the world. The system that he created was a big improvement on what these countries had been using in the past and there are still parts of the world that rely on it.

In essence, blockchain technology can be described as a digital ledger of transactions that is very difficult to alter without the right permissions. This is why it has been able to play such a large part when it comes to making digital transactions more secure. The technology behind blockchain that Serge Belamant is known for involving a smart card that included a blockchain-enabled chip. This technology could be used whether the card happened to be online or not and is still frequently seen on the smart cards of today. Financial transactions may be one of the big implementers of blockchain, but it has been found useful in a wide variety of industries throughout the world and is helping with the transparency efforts of many different companies and organizations.

While Serge Belamant is partially retired these days, he is still working with his son on a new project known as Zilch Technology Unlimited. This company is also is the financial technology sector like many of his positions in the past, but it is aimed at helping young adults become more financially knowledgable and secure. A lot of the marketing that takes place for his company is done through word of mouth. He and his son created a product that is useful and their users want to talk about it.

22 Jul 2019

A New Era for OSI Food Solutions  0

OSI Food Solutions is a company that has refined what it means to be a company in the 21st century. They have expanded far and wide across the world, bringing new food into new places all along the way. It all began when a meat shop in Chicago opened to the public, and it quickly increased its scope of production and networking. At the core of this modern day corporation is OSI Food Solutions. Sheldon Lavin’s presence with the company and its influence are recounted in a recent Path article. After several decades of growth, OSI Food Solutions had developed a framework to become a global corporate empire in the near future.

They just needed someone to put everything into place. This is when Sheldon Lavin stepped into the scene as a investment manager and bank executive for the company. His work in the company became so pivotal that by the end of the 1970s he became Chairman and CEO of OSI Food Solutions. He saw something big in the company and wanted to be a first hand player in realizing that reality. This period was marked by the company’s embrace of technology. Between a renewed vision and a renewed passion, the company had no limits stopping it. OSI Food Solutions had indeed grown into something completely profound under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin.

They have expanded operations to 17 countries with 65 facilities in the entire distribution network. A majority of their operations are in the United States, and Europe where current expansion plans are already underway. Sheldon Lavin has gone above and beyond to uphold the company’s creed of always looking for a better tomorrow. There is always something that can be done to improve the lives of people around the world. If a simple act of introducing a new food to a different region brings smiles, then he has done his job. The power of technology and innovation has completely reshaped the economic playing field of the 21st century. This is an era of competition where an individual has to work harder than ever to truly succeed.