JD.com, or Jingdong as it is known to some people, is one of the most famous group of companies in China. It has been integral to technological development in Asia, and also has one of the most advanced drone delivery networks in the world.

Through the drone delivery network, JD.com has been using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver goods to various locations in China, which sets it apart from its competitors by a large margin.

But other than its retail operations and their advancements, JD.com is also known for being involved in various other technological initiatives. These initiatives include both conventional as well as disruptive technologies, with the aim being to test the limits of such tools.

For instance, JD.com famously participated in a blockchain supply chain program, which also included companies such as Walmart, to test the disruptive blockchain technology and its capabilities to track data. The aim was to check that food sources from farm to table remained traceable. This was to ensure that the food didn’t go through any contamination risks, and if it did, then proper measures could be taken to stop it. The initiative was launched in association with tech giant IBM, as well as Tsinghua University.

Through such programs, JD.com makes sure that it is doing its part in helping the human race advance into a world of modern technology. The aim for the company is not to only be the best at what it does, but to make a difference as it maintains that stature.

All of such developments are detailed on the JD.com Corporate Blog, so that those who are interested in reading about them could benefit from them accordingly.

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