For any women who are willing to advance in their career this year, there are loads of advice and inspiration available everywhere. However, these women actually find the knowledge available to be way too far pandering or sometimes even very generic.

Susan McGalla,is the known because of her position as the founder of the P3 Executive Consulting. This company is believed to be very experienced in giving consultation to its clients. Most of the time, the consultations is always about on branding,sometimes operational efficiencies, and even the many others.

Susan has been speaking to many women correctly. Most of them are actually always trying to look for other authentic perspectives which are believed to have some practical application. Majority of women who never want to be targeted as women but as qualified professionals find the terms and the party lines to be somehow too hollow. Susan believes that the evolution has actually occurred over the past years is quite inspiring.

Ms Susan McGalla always tells her story on bizjournals to inspire many women and parent to bring up their children the same way she was bought up. Susan McGalla was actually brought up in small family with two older brothers. Susans father was actually a football coach at a local club, and never treat her any better than her two brothers, just because she was not a boy. Everyone was treated equally in the family, regardless of their sex.

When growing up, Susan was taught and always encouraged to work hard and manage to present her ideas with the all the confidence required.No matter the number of people she is actually addressing, she always pulls it with a lot of confidence.

Due to this strict upbringing, she has always been very comfortable with all people, regardless of their gender, and she has managed to do very well when working with both genders. This great confidence has actually made her to go places; she is currently a very successful woman.

After her college education, she began her prosperous career at the famous Joseph Horne Company. In the year 1994 she changed companies and began working for the American Eagle Outfitters.

At the time Susan McGalla was starting her job the American Eagle, the company was actually a male dominated institution. The company didn’t have any women on the board or even in the executive positions of the entire institution.

Susan McGalla has managed to always take control of her career and she has actually become very successful. She is great consultant for the top people in whom working in finance sector when they need an insider’s perspective.

Susan’s autonomy in her career is actually a luxury that she has been able to afford because of the years of hard work, being very flexible, and also pursuing what she loves. Being a woman has actually never limited any of her achievements.