Social media is expanding in every way, and one of the latest and most common is SKOUT, a free social app to meet and date people around the world. SKOUT is not a new app, but it is recently being used by people taking a second look at apps. SKOUT was recently ranked 31st in the Top Free Social Networking Apps., 16th in the Top Grossing Social Networking Apps and 319th in Top Grossing Apps, which makes SKOUT familiar and easily accessible.

SKOUT was designed by Christian Wiklund and founded in 2007 in San Francisco. It is similar to other social meeting apps, and is easy to relate to. Several features make it easier to use than most, though, such as the opening screen that displays the pictures of those on chat at that moment. The user can tap on any picture and see their profile. Then, they can “wink” at them, add them to their favs list, send virtual gifts, and block or report them.

Going into the chat room is the quickest way to gain attention from a user, and with their personal information and more pics, a user can make a decision to chat and eventually meet them.

The point system is another unique feature of SKOUT. The points act as currency, which may be purchased or acquired from other users by offering to viewing backstage pictures, seeing who checked out your profile and sending or receiving gifts.

The drawer on the left of the app shows the user different ways to browse the network. “Look at Me” feature allows users to bid with points and “Shake to Chat” is an innovative way to start a conversation with an anonymous stranger. This feature displays both user’s profiles after 40 seconds, so a connection can be made if desired.

SKOUT is an easy-to-use social networking program that allows more people to develop friendships and romantic relationships online. SKOUT provides a competent way of meeting new people with common interests as well as staying in contact with friends.