OSI is a company operating in multiple countries at 65 facilities, employing 600,000 people. OSI’s CEO is Sheldon Lavin, who the Vision World Academy saw fit to honor with the Global Visionary Award.

Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group became an international force in 16 countries, processing food to the tune of billions of dollars. This accomplishment took leadership qualities such as determination and consistent purpose, which are the type of qualities this award seeks to recognize.

Indeed, if it weren’t for Sheldon Lavin’s drive, OSI wouldn’t have expanded outside of the U.S. and consequently wouldn’t have started OSI-Vista Processed Foods’ locations in India. India is the country that offers the Global Visionary Award.

Sheldon Lavin knew he wanted to be in business since the time he decided to major in it at school. He started working in a financial management capacity at a meat processing company, and the longer he stayed the more advancement he got until he eventually became the owner.

His vision for the company was to hold high standards of quality that could be compared to the best in the industry anywhere. Now, his protein products, sauces, baked goods, and other products have a global reach.

Sheldon Lavin attributes the unusual success for a company its size to OSI’s family-like atmosphere. Rules and priorities still exist, but input is taken from workers at all levels. He makes it a priority to always listen and to eat with coworkers. The connection extends to a first name basis.

Lavin has partnered OSI with Ronald McDonald House Charities, as well as other charitable organizations. Lavin envisions continued growth for OSI even after he retires, because there is talent in the company to keep it moving forward.

Lavin is commited to the wellbeing of his company and its employees. He was humbled and honored to receive the Global Visionary Award. The company family continues to grow as OSI does business in more countries, creating more job opportunities.


His hope for the future is to enspire leaders to practice business in a way that respects employees instead of trying to leverage the most amount of work from them for the least compensation. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award