Criminal justice technology solutions company Securus Technologies recently conducted a survey at its newly built technology center located outside its Dallas, Texas headquarters. The new facility is located in Carrollton, Texas and allows Securus to showcase the latest innovations, gadgets and tools available to prison and correctional facilities. After representatives from inmate facilities from around the country and abroad toured the facility they were asked a series of questions about their facilities and future plans.

The survey at the technology center revealed interesting insight into the mentality and plans of prison management staff. More than half of the respondents, approximately 56% say they would be looking into upgrading technology at their facilities. In addition, 55% also said they are looking to expand prison and inmate phone calls services in 2016 and that it was a top priority for them. Interestingly, about 15% of respondents say that cutting costs was their main approach to successful prison and correctional facility management.

Securus Technologies’ chief executive officer Rick Smith said that after reviewing the survey results “there is a clear indication that prison operators are feeling the effects of budget declines and less funding.” “As a result” Smith continues “management companies are looking for ways to increase productivity and get more out of existing resources.” Research conducted by Securus shows that many prison facilities can benefit from automation of services and tasks, as well as from upgrades in technology. “Securus offers both new technologies to increase productivity and automatize tasks, thereby helping facilities lower expenditures and deal with budgets” says Rick Smith.

Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is a leading innovator in criminal justice investigation, monitoring, and inmate communication technology. The company is known to create and patent the highest number of new products and ideas in the criminal justice and law enforcement sector. Securus serves over 3,000 facilities in North America including correctional facilities in Canada and Mexico. More than a million inmates are served by Securus Technology products in three countries.

One of Securus’s most popular products is the video visitation services it provides to inmates and their families. Securus recently pioneered a video visitation app so that family members of inmates can communicate with their loved ones through their smartphone. Find Securus app on Google Play or download it from iTunes. A recent survey done by correctional facilities showed that Securus Technologies’ video visitation services were considered to be instrumental to the success of the operation of the facility by 66% of all facilities who took part in the survey.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the Amazon health product Securus nor is it affiliated with the Securus America web domain for agents.