Taking a look at the different dog foods that I currently have on my shelf, it makes me think back to how I came to have five different kinds of dog food in my home. I only have two different dogs, but one of them can be the biggest pain when it comes time for me to feed him. The other dog will eat anything that I put in front of him, so there’s no problem there, but the smallest dog always gives me a problem. I will pour a bowl of food for each of them, and the smallest dog will always have some problem with his food.

The dog nudges his food around in the bowl, and he’s even kicked the bowl over a few times, which doesn’t sit well with me. I got the hint very quickly that he didn’t like his food, so I went and bought another brand of dog food. I still wasn’t able to get him to eat the new dog food. The next week I went to the store and bought another brand of dog food, and this continued for a few weeks.

After having five or more different brands of dog food, I decided I was taking charge, and he had to eat anything I gave him. I’m foolish to have thought that my dog would obey me when it comes to what he eats, and every single day I had the same problem with him every time I fed him food. The other dog eats all five kinds of dog food that I had the closet, but I was still very worried about my smallest dog. A veterinarian visit still couldn’t pinpoint the reason why the dog wouldn’t eat the food that I gave him.

I decided to take the next approach and buy another dog food that is more popular, and I was hoping that it would be the last dog food I ever needed to purchase. I went with buying Beneful because I read enough about it to feel that it was a good dog food for my pet. Although I ultimately bought it for the small dog, the food ended up becoming a staple in the diet of both of my dogs. Not only does the small dog finally start eating all his food when I fed him Beneful, but he was always begging for more.

I was so impressed with the fact that my dog loved Beneful that I made sure to buy several bags of the dog food, and I even bought some bowls of Beneful wet dog food as well. Although I am planning on keeping all five bags of dog foods until I can find where to donate them or give them away, I definitely have embraced Beneful for my pets. Beneful is low in cost, my pets enjoy it, and my pets get nutrition from the food. I only wish that I had thought about buying Beneful a long time ago.