Pittsburgh Steelers fans were in for a treat at the beginning of the season when the NFL team introduced its new fashion line. Along with the fashion line came a new online platform making it easier for fans to buy the items they love on any device. Heading the new fashion campaign was Susan McGalla, director of strategic planning. McGalla, an expert in branding and the retail fashion industry, looked at fan polls and focus groups to understand what the fans wanted. Men wanted something to where to the office, while women wanted something a little more feminine for themselves as well as something more fashionable for their kids. The new line offers polo shirts, sweaters and sweater vests for men to wear to the office. It also offers more feminine clothing with more fashionable designs. The new site also has a “Wear What We Wear” section where fans can purchase items the players themselves wear. McGalla’s goal as director of strategic planning is to use her expertise to help the Pittsburgh Steelers grow their brand and reach new fans. McGalla began her career in the retail sector with Joseph Horne Company after graduating from Mount Union College with a degree in Marketing and business. After eight years with with Joseph Horne, McGalla joined American Eagle as a regional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She helped American Eagle go from a men’s clothing focus to focusing on providing clothing and accessories for both genders. As her expertise grew, McGalla rose through the ranks to become chief merchandising officer and finally president over the entire American Eagle company. In 2009, McGalla left American Eagle to pursue a career as a personal consultant. Her expertise have been sought by many different companies as well as Wall Street experts who need an insider’s view of the retail fashion world. After a brief stint at Wet Seal, McGalla started P3 Executive Consulting, LLC which provides advice in marketing, merchandise buying, talent management and other areas of business. In 2015 she then took the job with the Pittsburgh Steelers.