Full-service healthcare development and management companies, such as Nobilis Health, own and manage specialty surgical centers, generally in partnership with the surgeon. Typical services offered at ambulatory surgery clinics include spine surgery, podiatry and pain management; it’s more economical for patients to visit a stand-alone clinic for these services, as opposed to checking into a hospital. Specialty surgery centers that Noblis Health manages are patient-centric, therefore, people feel comfortable visiting the centers managed by Nobilis Health.

When Nobilis Health partners with a physician, they take over the administration and marketing of the surgery clinic, leaving patient care to the highly-skilled surgeon. Since Nobilis Health owns and manages multiple specialty surgery centers and acute care facilities in its growing network, therefore, they bring a wealth of operations and marketing experience to each partnership.


Currently, Nobilis Health utilizes end-to-end marketing, a unique approach that begins with bringing attention to specific diseases and conditions. Each condition requires a customized approach for awareness, from traditional print and radio marketing to innovative channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Nobilis Health then highlights available treatment and encourages individuals to telephone their call centers for more information.


Nobilis Health is one of the most notable entrants in the rapidly growing healthcare development and management sector; they continue to acquire and operate healthcare facilities in Texas and Arizona. As Dr. Basem Abdelfattah said on the Good Morning Texas program, Nobilis Health strives to offer the best patient care. Management and marketing are important, however, exemplary patient care using the latest technology is the ultimate goal of Nobilis Health.