Mr. Nick Vertucci is the founder and president of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). NVREA has risen to be one of the most prestigious learning institution availing the students from all parts of the continent with the knowledge and skills necessary to flourish in the real estate industry. He is also an expert and investor in real estate. He is the founder of several real estate companies and acting CEO. The celebrated entrepreneur hailed from a very humble background and made his entire fortune on hard work. His first successful venture was in tech business before the financial bubble of 2004 wrecked it all.


Mr. Vertucci has launched his very first book titled Seven Figure Decisions. The book is a blend of personal memoir and guide outlines on the pillars of winning in business. In the book, Nick Vertucci shares his own story of loss and come-back attitude that has helped him succeed. The book itself is a five star rated business memoir in Amazon with over a thousand copies sold already. The book is available on Amazon Kindle and paperback on Amazon.


Nick comments that the loss of all he had invested in the computer business led to his venture into Real Estates. He relates that while in the real estate venture, he made a lot of mistakes and got quite depressed before joining a training circuit for real estate investors and acquired a mentor. Afterward, he had to change his thinking and coupled it with the appropriate actions before his financial troubles got eliminated and instead of surviving he thrived.


Lioncrest Publishing Company published the three hundred and fifty-page business memoir. The book outlines in detail the significant steps that informed his life-changing philosophy and enabled the establishment of sustainable business and granted him financial freedom. In an endorsement by Kevin Harrington, the original shark from shark tank commented that the book is better than the usual rags to riches story. He said that Seven Figure Decision is a rags-to-riches, back to rags again, then back to riches.


This is true because Nick Vertucci built a tech empire without any money or education. When things seemed to be going okay for the entrepreneur who was almost attaining economic liberty, everything crumbled. He lost all his fortunes and was stuck deep in debts. He finally ventured into real estates and learned the ropes of the industry well enough. Real estate gave him a second chance to start over and fight his way back to the top. If ever you dream of being a millionaire, the first step would be to listen to the man who did it twice.