New Residential Investment Corp is a real estate investment company that’s situated in New York. It focuses on various opportunistic real estate investments, including mortgage servicing rights and non-agency residential mortgage securities. New Residential Investment Corp understands that there is active asset management as well as passive asset management as two of the main extremes when it comes to describing portfolio management.


The firm, therefore, is an excellent illustration of an organization that actively manages various investments, particularly ones that have been applied to mortgage assets in the residential department. Since active management styles, in addition to strategies, are always misunderstood by most investors, the article seeks to offer a guide over the significant challenges that affect such investments including finding effective resolutions to the business.


The success of New Residential Investment Corp is appended to the leadership of Michael Nierenberg, who also serves as the CEO. Before that, Michael Nierenberg was the MD of Fortress. Michael Nierenberg also served as the managing director of Global Mortgages coupled with securitized products at the prestigious Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He also served at JP Morgan where he oversaw global securitization of products. He was also a devoted member of the committee at the investment bank. Prior to that ,Michael Nierenberg held a series of leadership positions.

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