Most businesses, especially those that have achieved so much, instantly plan of invading other territories or venturing to the global scene. Going international connotes higher profitability and serving a wider market. However, there are many factors that must be closely evaluated first before venturing into the global arena, and international business strategist and consultant Maarten de Jeu has crucial tips about global expansion.

As a seasoned international business strategist and consultant, Maarten de Jeu suggests to first consider the market demand and the laws and regulations of the target location. He also recommends taking into consideration the culture and language of the place. Maarten also notes that any company planning to enter the international market must analyze and prepare the business’ standardization and finances.

Maarten de Jeu has an extensive background and comprehensive understanding of the global market. He established the SVM Business Advisory, which is a staple firm among key decision-makers, business owners, and CEOs in consulting matters related to big and crucial business decisions, especially in global or international market expansion. Maarten has an impressive academic background and got his MBA degree from Oxford University, where he graduated as the top student in the class.

The SVM Business Advisory served as Maarten de Jeu’s firm that helps the client in their decision-making process and allows them to take advantage of the founder’s extensive knowledge of the institutional and cultural development, in-depth understanding of the industry, and comprehensive technical expertise. Before he founded the consultancy firm, Maarten de Jeu worked at Aviva plc where he was assigned to be the director of the Strategy and Corporate Department. He also handled the company’s operation in London and worked as the team’s Strategy Manager.

Additionally, Maarten de Jeu served as a consultant at TVDK Management Consultants and handled the big names in the business like ING, Sara Lee, and Heinz. He is also a favorite name among Fortune 100 companies in seeking business consulting services. Maarten de Jeu is highly revered for his knack and efficiency to develop projects by creating multicultural and multi-disciplinary settings. While there are many benefits if a business explores the international market. Maarten de Jeu believes that it also comes with serious risks that could eventually damage the name of the business and paralyze its entire operation if not handled in the right way.
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In order for a business to effectively expand in the global arena, key decision-makers must ensure first that the business is treading into safer waters. Maarten de Jeu also advises that businesses must conduct thorough research first about its target location and learn more about its culture, laws, regulations, and market behavior. Going global but rushing it will never yield productive effects on the business.

Marten de Jeu understands the international market and he knows that exposing the business without extensive planning and preparation could be detrimental to its overall operation not only in the global scene. His tips are products of his long years working in the global market

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