The location as a service provider LocationSmart recently announced that they would be leasing maps from AND to fill their needs with Compliance Services.

The maps that are now being leased from AND are their International Administrative Boundaries maps as well as their Digital World Map Shoreline. LocationSmart recently expanded its API that is known as Smart Zone.

This API uses these maps to help international customers with compliance checks. These maps can use boundaries that are specified by the customer or ones that have already been pre-configured by LocationSmart. By using these APIs, their clients are able to check in real time to see if their customers are within certain boundaries. As of last year, they have already had customers implement in their businesses.

LocationSmart will be using these compliance services that are enabled by AND maps to run global checks to see if the mobile device being used to make a transaction is within their boundaries. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

The company has multiple methods that they use to determine the location of a device once the end user has given extent for this information to be collected. LocationSmart allows its customers several different options when it comes to getting consent from users and they are all designed to be simple to use and understand.

The platform that is provided by LocationSmart is one of the biggest in the world and they continue to grow as they are adding more countries such as Canada to the list of places that can use the service.

The CEO of AND expressed that he is happy to have the opportunity of a company as large as LocationSmart using their products as it shows that their quality of maps is one that can be trusted to be accurate and secure for transactions that may be sensitive.

The Cloud Location Services provider LocationSmart is the leading company in the location as a service industry. Masoud Motamedi and Mario Proiette founded LocationSmart in 1995 under the company name of TechnoCom Corporation.

The purpose of the company was to provide ways to access location services on mobile phones for wireless enterprises and carriers. The services that LocationSmart offers can be used in many different ways and industries. Some of the things that their platform is used for include transaction verification, roadside assistance, transportation, and more.

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