Using a fax machine, PC as well as a telephone, Ken Griffin on turtletrader began doing business from his dorm room in Harvard in 1987. From this humble yet determined beginning, Griffin attracted hedge-trust pioneer plus co-founder of Chicago-based Glenwood Partner, Frank Meyer. Griffin’s performance gave him the chance to start what would turn out to become Citadel.

Many years ago before shiny smartphones or fast WiFi were ever invented Kenneth C. Griffin was transacting bonds from his dorm room whenever he had time off economic classes.

Griffin had persuaded Cabot maintenance to rigout a satellite dish on rooftop, winding cables via a window plus elevator shaft, and into his dorm room in second floor. The innovative student furthermore raised $265,000 from his relatives and friends in order to finance his investment project.

However, his fellow Cabot learners may have considered the effort quite uncommon; Griffin stated it wasn’t all that unusual.

“The great thing about Harvard is there’s such diversity in the student body and so many students are doing really fascinating and interesting things,” Griffin stated. “In the context of Harvard, this story wasn’t exceptional.”

Though Ken Griffin gives a lower profile of the Cabot investment plan, he has ever since attained extensive acclaim due to his extraordinary performance as a hedge-trust manager.

Mr. Griffin initiated Citadel in 1990 and similarly serves as the company’s CEO. A diversified financial institution, the Citadel conglomerate comprises of Citadel, a business-leading alternative property director, Citadel Securities, among the leading liquidity givers in America’s capital marketplaces; as well as Citadel Technology, a solutions facilitator for venture management technology. Over 1,250 group members serve in Citadel worldwide currently.

Citadel Capital Firm oversees $19.6 billion in investments. In 2013, he featured as one of the youngest associates of Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans, at position 103 with $4.4 billion as his net worth.

Griffin is a dynamic supporter of training causes, which lead to society improvement. He works on the Board of Directors of Chicago Public Education Fund. Mr. Griffin is furthermore a proud adherent of Harvard University his alma mater, where he attained his undergraduate degree. Mr. Griffin’s patronages to enhance and augment the livelihoods of other people have equaled over $250 million via personal contributions plus through Citadel Foundation. Most remarkably, he has been involved in University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, alongside the Art Institute. He similarly donated $150 million in financial support to Harvard, the greatest gift the institution has ever received in its history.

Griffins presently says that the 3 years he schooled at Harvard assisted to foster his desire for investment plus commitment to philanthropy.

Mr. Griffin is an associate of several business organizations, comprising of the Economic Club of Chicago, G100 plus the Civic Committee of Commercial Club of Chicago.

He serves in the Board of Trustees for Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum plus the University of Chicago.