Julia JacksonWith all the wildfires going on in California, Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines is a name that people know. The Sonoma Valley has been especially hit hard by the wildfires and Julia Jackson and her family have suspended everything for now. Their primary goal is to focus on the people who work on the wineries and the people who live near the vineyards.In a statement released following the wake of the wildfires, the president of Jackson Family Wines has said that they are working on very little power and with very little staff. Until the fire is considered to be safe for their return, they will continue to halt production at the vineyards.Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of Jess Jackson and his wife Barbara Bunke. The two purchased the vineyards back in 1974 when they purchased the 80 acre pear and walnut fields in Lakeport, California.

Once the purchase was complete, the land was transformed into a vineyard. Their first release was the Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay in the year 1982. It was this wine that bridgeJulia Jacksond the gap between cheap wine and premium wine. This is now one of the top, most popular wines out there on the market.Jess and Barbara raised their children on the idea of hard work. It was their belief in hard work that has kept Julia and her family heavily involved in the wine making. It was her love for spending summers and nights learning about the vineyards and making life long friendships with others that would help her become the seasoned wine maker that she is today.Julia went on to learn about the French culture and she spent a summer in Bordeaux with the friends she made while growing up. Once she was ready, Julia returned back to the winery where she became involved in the family business. She is also heavily involved in the family non-profit called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment.

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