JD.com, China’s largest retailer partnered up with tech giant Intel in order to further explore the potential of Internet of Things in the retail industry. The two companies are trying to develop retail devices that will be focused on making personalized and convenient customer experience. They will be working with the Digitized Retail Joint Lab to develop the future vending machines which will be used for the stores of the future. In addition, media and advertising solutions are also expected to be improved.

The Digitized Retail Joint Lab Vending Machine is focused on making more personalized user experience through media and advertising. This will use Intel’s RRI edge computing along with its OpenVINO computer vision architecture. Powering the brains for OpenVINO is JD.com’s computer vision algorithms that will analyze customer traffic and in-store purchasing habits. Because of this, store owners will be able to provide personalized services as well as information to meet the demand and needs of their customers.

Zhi Weng, the Vice President of JD.com, as well as the head of JD Big Data Platform, stated that the Digitized Retail Joint Lab is aiming to develop high-end and cutting-edge solutions to by combining JD.com and Intel’s strength in order to deliver a more pleasant solution for online shopping and offline players. He also added that JD.com is looking forward to expanding its partnership with Intel in order to deliver the best-in-class personalized shopping experience to its customers.

Intel IOTG China’s Vice President and General Manager Wei Chen is also happy in the partnership. He stated that being China’s most influential retailer and an innovator, JD.com is one of their important partners. Wei Chen is also happy to take Intel and JD.com’s partnership to the next level. With Intel’s advanced edge computing, as well as JD.com’s big data analysis capabilities, the two companies are looking forward to developing a sophisticated retail ecosystem that supports JD’s “Retail as a Service” mantra.

JD’s “Retail as a Service” mantra is the company’s goal that they want to achieve as China’s biggest retailer. JD wants shoppers in China and in the whole world to shop whatever they want, wherever they are, and whenever they need it.

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