Angela Koch stands out as the only female CEO in the precious metals industry. She heads the US Money Reserve, which sells various metal coins made of gold, platinum and silver. The US Money Reserve has helped over 500,000 customers with there precious metal needs.


Ms. Koch is an unlikely CEO given that she is a college drop-out. However, she is a hard worker and has a voracious appetite for knowledge about every organization she has worked for. She began her work career when she was still married to her ex-husband, and after her first child was born. Read more: Angela Koch US Money Reserve | Forbes and US Money Reserve | Indeed


She worked multiple jobs and had a keen interest about everything she was involved in. She wanted to know the particulars of every system in place and how that system and her job helped the company make money. She gained a lot of useful knowledge from her work.


Eventually, she worked for KLA-tencor and had a chance to put her knowledge to good use. A mentor of hers there owned a ranch that raised Kobe beef cattle. He asked Angela to help him determine how to get his beef certified as being raised without hormones. She dove right in and found that she enjoyed researching this subject. She wrote a paper that is used by ranchers to this day for the same purpose.


After this success she began working for US Money Reserve. She applied herself, learned everything possible about the organization, and through her good work managed to be promoted to CEO. She takes delight in how to integrate various parts of the organization for maximum effect and refining the processes via which US Money Reserve makes money.


Since the business model of US Reserve is sales, Angela seeks to make certain that her employees are treated right so they can drive the organizations bottom line. She wants her employees to have as much knowledge as possible about their organization and its products and services. This will help employees to meet customer needs, and satisfied customers are likely to be returning customers.


Angela’s basic rules for management are not to second guess herself when decisions are made. She insists on a proper balance in her life between work, family and recreation. She strives to know herself. That way she can maximize her strengths in service of the organization and delegate to others tasks where she would be weak.

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