Many people think El Dorado, the City of Gold, is in Brazil. Investment advisor Igor Cornelsen is likely to agree. He knows the vast mineral wealth and underdeveloped natural resources that exist in the country. He is also familiar with the myriad investment opportunities the country has to offer. For several decades he has been providing valuable investment advice that has helped to make investors untold millions. He has been able to steer people towards undervalued companies and businesses that are poised to make a splash locally and internationally. This has helped to give him the reputation as one of Brazil’s best investment advisors.

Long before Igor Cornelsen was offering investors advice about where in Brazil to put their money, he was involved in directing many of the country’s most successful companies. He was also an executive in several of Brazil’s major banks. After doing that successfully for decades, he retired and began to share is knowledge of Brazilian investment opportunities with private citizens. Over the years Cornelsen has been able to help countless small, medium, and large investors find lucrative opportunities in Brazil. He has developed a sterling reputation as an investment guru with clear vision and a magic touch.

Cornelsen has given investors the same advice for many years. He has encouraged them to learn about the laws covering investing in Brazil, prepare themselves to navigate the red tape, and take the time to become familiar with the locals and the local economy. On top of that he has advises them to take a two step approach to investing in Brazil. The first step is to be prepared to invest for the long term. The second piece of investment advice he always shares is the need to diversify their investments. The people that have heeded this advice have grown wealthy investing in Brazil.

Bainbridge Investment Inc. is the company through which Igor Cornelsen now shares his investment advice. Even though he spends a lot of his time refining his golf game, he still enjoys making people rich. He does this by helping them to identify companies and industries in Brazil that are poised to have their breakout moment on the national and international stage. He also steers them to undervalued companies and companies that can provide them with consistent dividends while shielding them from the risk of losing their investment. It is an investment strategy the has served him well for many years.

The time is right to invest in Brazil according to a PR Newswire article. But you must seek out the help of people with a clear understanding of the Brazilian economy and its growth trajectory. There is no better person to offer you that kind of investment guidance than Igor Cornelsen.