Imagine a scenario when you order an extra towel from the concierge while staying in a hotel. Minutes later, a knock at the door reveals a robot who has come to serve your request by providing a new set of towels. For many, this seems a scene from a science-fiction movie, but hotels around the world are already experimenting with the robot technology. For instance, large hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton and Intercontinental have their own robots.
Dash is a robot serving the guests in various intercontinental hotels. Similarly, Connie is a robot for the Hilton Group, which provides information regarding different attractions, restaurants and other places in the area. Hilton’s competitor, Marriott is also experimenting with Mario, who welcomes guests in various hotels of the famous hospitality chain.

Interestingly, these hotels have turned to ReviewPro, a company that is known for offering many benchmark research studies and online reputation management for the service sector. According to the CEO of ReviewPro, RJ Friedlander, it can be complicated for the hotels to understand the dynamics of guest interaction with robots. Unlike humans, robots are not programmed to offer a more personalized touch because a guest cannot ask the robot to fix the washroom tap when it has come to serve the request for a washroom towel. On the other hand, a robot service can be highly effective because it can serve guests around the clock without any rest. For hotel guests, it means that there will always be someone present to serve them, when needed.

To understand what works best, leading hotels have turned to online reputation management tools. ReviewPro like Reputation Defender Review is among the leaders of such technology as it provides useful insight to hoteliers by offering software that can analyze hundreds of ratings on online channels such as TripAdvisor to offer feedback on robot services. Some of these tools analyze guest reviews by sorting keywords such as “robots” to investigate how guests perceived the service offered by robots. Perhaps, this is the first step for leading hotel chains to understand weaknesses and strengths of robot service. Based on the feedback offered by online reputation management tools, these hotels will decide how to make robots more effective.