More and more our society is becoming automated in ways that were not even thought of only five years ago. One of the new-found on-demand services that have emerged is personal home cleaning services. There are many home cleaning services to choose from, but they usually come with a lot of strings attached. Now, there is a way to get your home cleaned by dependable people while you are away at work, you just need to know where to look for those people.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services offers a versatility to customers that they had not experienced prior. Handy got its start in New York, and now has offices in over 25 cities, two of which are in Canada. They employ over 50 individuals plus have an undisclosed number of freelancers working for them. However, Handy does not hire just anyone to fill their freelance positions. All of the freelancers are screened with full background checks, verified references, and an in-person interview before they are hired. The company has jokingly stated that it is harder to become a Handy freelancer than it is to get into Harvard.

Now when someone needs cleaning done all they need to do is pull up the Handy app on their smartphone and order it to be done by an on-demand professional. By entering your zip code, the specific rooms that need to be cleaned, and an exact start time, you can get a quote relatively fast compared to other home cleaning services. Should you accept the estimate, the cleaning would start at exactly the time you specified and the cost would be billed to the credit card you have on file with Handy. Your home of office would be cleaned at the touch of a button.

Sometimes when you need more than a cleaning service, it is nice to be able to locate one quickly. Now you can accomplish this task without the need to screen every handyman within a ten-mile radius. Handy also offers handyman services to their customers who might need them. Handy uses the same rigorous screening process on to pick their handyman service providers the same as they do their cleaners. They are all thoroughly vetted prior to working for Handy, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of professionals working for you.

In the future when you are in need of cleaning services, you will not need to look any farther than your smartphone. By automating their services, Handy, Home Cleaning Services have joined the personal on-demand service industry that is revolutionizing the way we live. Now you can order a handyman, home cleaning services or plumbers with the touch of your finger. The Handy services are coming to a city near you soon.