Handy’s keeping up with the face-paced social world. With its modern home cleaning service marketplace available on tablet and mobile, on-demand ordering is a breeze. It’s remarkable how the creators Mr. Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan has kept ahead. Home maintenance isn’t the easiest job, but with the right professionals, it’s definitely not as time-intensive and expensive. Handy has become the go-to provider, given its reputation of expert matching.

It’s celebrating three years of industry success since inception back in 2012. Everything started from the confines of a Harvard dormitory where Mr. Hanrahan and Dua became roommates. Amazingly, Handy has consistently made $1 million weekly in home maintenance bookings after just two years. Users need not venture elsewhere since it’s a fully integrated marketplace. Handy handles everything from scheduling to processing payments. With investors such as Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners supporting the home maintenance phenomenon, it’s raised over $12 million. Profit margins show impressive appreciate as much as sixty percent according to Handy’s principal.

Based in New York, Handy has a workforce of about fifty. Impressively, the marketplace provides regular home cleaning gigs for a vast Freelancer population. The masses complete multiple gigs monthly and remain active throughout the year. A recent study revealed that freelancing home cleaners complete 10,000+ gigs monthly. The Handy marketplace has expanded across thirteen U.S. cities and recently confirmed four new outlets. Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago are the newest addition.

Last year, Handy acquired Exec Cleaning, another home maintenance champion. Reports revealed that Handy bought it for less than $10 million. It’s since rebranded the company and continues to extend excellent cleaning services. The greater cleaning service population aren’t concerned about quality, reliability and added convenience. Handy’s setting the trend by incorporating the said features as standard requirements. It’s maintained an edge in doing this and encourage freelancers to embrace the culture. The platform boasts a simplified interface allowing freelancers and customers connect easily.

Customers that use Handy app from crunchbase aren’t concerned about being overcharged. Additionally, it allows secure, convenient online transactions for home cleaning services. Freelancers always get paid for a gig completed satisfactorily without delay. With a feedback rating system in place, Handy can track each freelancer’s progress and ability. It has a high regard for quality, thus giving relevance to its tough screening/hiring policy and criteria. Successful candidates survive comprehensive background checks, in-person interviews, and reference scrutiny. With the website receiving a high influx of applications monthly a mere 3% of the said are successful.

Handy Money-back guarantee policy is fair. Should a freelancer fail to produce quality cleaning service or has damaged valuables, Handy charges 20% penalty fee which is quite reasonable. Initially, operating costs was a mere $3 million, but it has increased to $52 million after just two years serving the industry. Housecleaning gigs generate the highest revenue while plumbing and handyman services represent a lesser value. Mr. Hanrahan and Dua are already focusing on maximizing productivity efforts to optimize the home cleaning side of the business.