Sharon Prince is currently the President and the Chair of the Grace Farms Foundation, a foundation that aims to provide a place for people to reconnect to nature. Since then, the foundation that she created has been known for its beautiful sceneries and help in the restoration of nature and its inhabitants.

One of the activities that Grace Farms offers is the seasonal bounties and the exploration of different walking trails. Visitors can participate in catch-and-release fishing and enjoy a peaceful time under the sun. Each program is created for individuals from all the walks of life. During summer, there are a lot of activities that take place under the sun, such as casual pick-up games. During the fall, the area is known to give a great view of warm golds, vivid oranges, and rustic reds. Also in fall, the activity called Fall Foliage Tours is held, which shows the changes experienced by 1,000 trees of Grace Farms during the season.

Grace Farms also offers different ways to biodiversity and ecological appreciation. It is one of the foundation’s goals to bring back and enrich the habitat of indigenous wildlife. In addition, the restoration of native meadows which are habitats of native wildlife is now nurturing the overall environment of the pace. As of now, the Grace Farms already restored 70% of the areas which are formerly native meadows. Over 80 species of birds, native bees, an butterflies have reinvigorated the area.

As of now, there are 40 species of birds that are enjoying their new found home in Grace Farms. In addition, the emergence of the Kestral Falcons, which are previously treated as endangered species, is a sign that the restoration efforts of the company have been so far successful. This open space can be shared with different kind of people that wants to enjoy nature.

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