George Soros has given his support to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. George Soros is known for funding political agendas. A recent activity he was involved with was the backing of Obama, which he admits that he regrets doing over Hillary Clinton. He joins the ranks of other recent donors like Haim and Cheyl Saban. Soros is a stand out donor for many reasons which includes the amount that he has donated. One way that George stands out is that he is one of the few donors that drops an eight digit check to elections.

Among the acts that he has done was to attempt to get President Bush impeached. Failure of that has caused George Soros to take his spending back a bit in the political arena. Political figures at the time have met with Soros and talked with him in order to get him to donate to political causes. Among the groups that have met with Soros is Priorities USA. However, Soros has given a relatively small amount of money compared to what he used to give. His donation amount was $1 million in support of the reelection of President Obama.

For 2016, George Soros is writing a huge check into an election. Over $1 billion in donations are expected to be given to groups like the super PACs. George Soros is going to be very cautious about his choices when it comes to elections. This year, George Soros is definitely backing Hillary Clinton against the republican candidate. Soros was happy with Clinton for allowing him the chance to talk about ways of running the country. In times like these, it is vital that the right person takes over the presidency so that the United States has a better chance at weathering the crisis that is devastating the economies of the world.

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