Many college instructors urge their students not to use Wikipedia as a reference source in their coursework. One university however has taken a totally different and revolutionary approach with regards to its stance on Wikipedia. Professors at the University of Sydney in Australia are giving students assignments to make a Wikipedia page instead of having them write essays or take exams. 

Assignments given in place of exams and essays include creating entries for subjects or objects on Wikipedia as well making Wikipedia revisions. An academic writing course professor at the University of Sydney has given his students the task of writing and making Wikipedia edits on contemporary issues. He also tasked students with improving and adding references to existing material. “This way” says the instructor “students will be able to better understand how information is gathered, referenced and published online which is becoming increasingly more important in today’s workplace.”

This response of offering Wikipedia writing and editing assignments instead of writing essays or taking exams by the University of Sydney stems from the apparent disinterest of students in the feedback of assignments from their professors. Students at the University of Sydney would routinely not collect completed essays and exams that have been graded by their instructors and contained feedback. The Wikipedia assignment forces students to pay attention to the feedback and quality of their work because it will be read by thousands of other people on the web. It is also less boring and gets students involved more in the assignments then with essays or exams. 

As the following article above shows, Wikipedia is one of the great mediums available on the internet to get the word out about your product, company or service. You can get hundreds if not thousands of more views from people on the net when you create a Wiki page. Universities are starting to notice the potential that Wikipedia articles have and the role they currently plan in disseminating information. Think of having your own Wikipedia article as a way to easily and effectively market your company, product or service and increase its reputation. 

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