Dr. Dov Rand has a range of specialties and sub-specialties in the medical field. At times, it can be a bit cumbersome to keep up with them all. However, this is not the case with Dr. Dov Rand. He has done all that is in his power to ensure that they get to maintain a healthy and happy life to last them through their lifetime (Drdovrand).

What’s more? He ensures that they can all learn the basics and the different branches of the medical field such that whenever they need medical care, they know what to do and where to seek assistance.

Dr. Dove Rand’s physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty focus mainly on improving his patients’ life quality and enhancing their functional ability, unlike most medical practitioners in that field that primarily focus on issues concerning muscles, ligaments, bones and the nervous system.

Dr. Dov Rand uses some philosophies resulting from his life-long interest in attaining knowledge in the medical field. He is very passionate about medicine and he is always on the lookout for discoveries about the same. He has dedicated his life into doing researches and testing treatments to ensure that patients get the highest quality and latest treatments. Dr. Rand uses bioidentical hormone therapy on his patients. He also writes articles and journals about new treatments, and he has ensured that only the medications that go to his journal are prescribed to his patients.

Dr. Dov Rand attended Rutgers University for his undergrad and Howard University for medical school. He got an intern at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and later at Albert Einstein Medical Center. Regardless of all these knowledge in medicine and the time he spent gaining it he is still very passionate about literature and scientific studies. He also loves discussing ideas with his colleagues and going for conferences.

These activities have helped Dr. Dov Rand and his patients to gain access to the highest quality and up to date treatment and information. Impressive, right? Not to mention that he has received several awards for his fantastic job in researches that have resulted in medical innovations and his dedication to helping people live healthy lives.

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