One of the great themes of technological developments is the unintended outcomes that a new form of technology will have on its user. Often it has unexpected consequences, leading us to wonder whether it is truly worth it. Many other times, a positive outcome will occur in addition to the device or software’s original intent, almost like an added bonus. Technology in the classroom is certainly not an exception, and may even be one of the greatest examples of unexpected outcomes on both sides of the spectrum.

ClassDojo and other classroom apps have been introduced to the learning environments have had such a wide variety of effects on teachers, students, and parents, that it may be impossible to ever document them all. One important thing to be said of technology in the classroom, such as the app ClassDojo, is the great benefit in both communication and community. Teachers speak to the positivity that is sparked in the environment when students are able to work together within an app, and the ability to share messages, photos, and videos with parents and families throughout the day is a benefit to the entire learning community.

Teachers that embrace technology have found, in many ways, that they can rise up to greater levels than ever before. The community of parents and students is not the only one positively impacted; teachers can create larger networks with each other than ever before. Conferences and seminars have grown to online discourse, while chat rooms have evolved to social media, networking apps such as ClassDojo, and other forums to create extensive resources not just in education, but in nearly every profession.

One example of the teaching community, brought to us by ClassDojo, is a teacher who was unsure of how to make a visually impaired, non-English speaking student feel welcome. This professional utilized ClassDojo to tap into a community of colleagues who had been there before, and who gave her the tools to better teach this student, while improving herself along the way.