Entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos is the first Billionaire in Africa. She has a focus on technology, which is her area of expertise. Women from all backgrounds are starting to take the business world by storm. Any woman can help this cause within their own circles. Even with all these changes toward a more balanced society, you still don’t often see many women in top positions in companies.


As a manager, Isabel dos Santos has made sure to nurture and encourage women to create a more balanced path for men and women. One huge advantage to this is higher productivity. Most companies want high productivity but the only real way to get that is to have an equally diverse team on the problem. Men and Women think differently about issues so this will create more complete solutions (Affiliatedork).


Dos Santos sees this issue as an economic issue, not just an equality one. The world bank said the global wealth would be about $160 trillion higher if women made the same as men in business. These changes aren’t new and this has been changing for a while. The way Isabel dos Santos handles being a manager is how she hopes all companies in Africa will eventually be handled.


When Isabel dos Santos became a billionaire she joined a club of 2,043 members. The landscape of business is changing slowly and there are 11 black billionaires and one of them is her. Power, in general, is usually distributed to those groups who already have it. It’s important that there are black individuals among the billionaires because it opens up possibilities to help struggling communities. She has used her wealth and position to not only help equality in business but the communities of Africa as well.


While Dos Santos has helped Africa by bringing opportunities to the country, her company has been making waves on the international platform. She went to school in Kent, England, and university in London. This upbringing allowed her to see the international platform outside of her home country. With the grounding in the international economy and technology field, she has the means to see potential economic growth in various sectors.

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