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27 Apr 2018

Dr. Saad Saad: a pillar of knowledge for the surgery world.  0

Dr. Saad Saad has a vast experience of more than four decades has done numerous surgical, pediatric procedures on all aged children. He has been part and parcel of 8 medically done missions in Jerusalem where he performed on needy children. He has a patent on inventions as well as coming up with new surgical techniques and procedures relating to his pediatric field. He has mastered the skills of being a surgeon and infusing it with his talent in engineering work to better lives of his patients.

Dr. Saad Saad graduated with honors from the Cairo University in Egypt pursuing a degree in medicine. He did an exam in ECFMG during his third year in university which helped him get a license to practice medicine in the United States of America. He completed a medical internship in England after which he completed his residency in pediatric surgery in America. He served as the Chief Surgeon as well as the Co-Medical Director of K Hovnanian Hospital. He was later hired in the year 1985 to work for the Saudi Royal Family in Saudi Arabia. He traveled and lived with his whole family in the country. He worked there for close to five years.

In Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad Saad was employed at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital based in Riyadh. He once performed a procedure on a child suffering from an aneurysm. He used the details of this particular case to educate other individuals after saving the life of the child. His pieces of advice were respected entirely and taken with the utmost value and respect.

Dr. Saad Saad took part in establishing a program in Surgical Residency where students receive a U.K. Certification with the approval of the Royal College of Surgeons based in England. This benefited the residents as the training could be done at Riyadh instead of traveling to the U.K.

Dr. Saad’s two patents include the Catheter with Tracking Mechanism and the Visual Suction/Irrigation Rigid Endoscope. His reason for the invention of the two is his analysis of the needs and requirements in the world of medicine that were lacking and the solution he had to those problems. For instance, his first invention prevents complications of exposure to a lot of X-ray beams while performing the procedures carefully and swiftly.

Dr. Saad Saad has retired and is residing in Red Bank, New Jersey. He is glad of all the international connections and meetings he has had being a surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family as well as the opportunity his kids had of getting a first-class education. He is a family man with four children; 2 surgeons, a lawyer and an Intensive Care Unit Nurse. He also appreciates his wife as well for her patience and the bond he has had with her children by not letting them go to boarding school but attend local schools. Learn more:

03 Oct 2017

Neurocore, the Superlative Organization behind Curing Major Depression  0

One of the common mental illnesses in the United States is Major Depression. The condition is known to affect at least six point seven of adults annually in U.S. This dictates that more than sixteen million adults are affected annually. In concern to this data, it is evident that Major Depression is a condition that negatively affects many people and awareness among other measures should be taken.

Major Depression occurs mainly in women in adulthood. However, this does not imply that other age groups cannot be affected by the condition. As such, people of any age or gender can be affected too. One of the aspects most people are not aware of about Major Depression is that it can be caused by other factors rather than the outside factors. However, some outside factors such as financial problems, unemployment, and divorce among others have been linked to the condition.

There are several physical symptoms which signify that a person is affected with Major Depression. Among such symptoms include general tension, headaches, shortness of breath and even stomach upsets. It is worth noting that symptoms vary from one person to another. As such, what one person may experience, another person may not be affected by the same. However, there are general signs such as emptiness, sadness, and numbness. Most people lose the interest of engaging in fun activities. Fatigue is also one of the general signs.

Depression is a condition that is linked to several negativities in our daily lives. It is ranked in the topmost three in the US for causing issues in the workplace and even causing a family crisis. It has been recorded to cost the US of an economic depression of $80, 000,000,000. Fortunately, depression can be treated if the right attention is sought by the affected person. It can be treated through combining various medications and therapy.

Neurocore is one of the reputable organizations that help in alleviating the symptoms associated with depression and finally treating it. Neurocore utilizes technology to point out the symptoms and address the condition. Based on the assessment, the organization helps in training the brain in the right way. The main organ of focus at Neurocore is the brain. Through the approach utilized the symptoms will shortly recede, and lasting results are availed.

25 Sep 2017

The Noteworthy Career of James Dondero  0

The prowess of James Dondero in the credit and equity market has made him be recognized by many. He has had career success for the past 30 years and is committed to giving even better results. He founder Highland Capital Management where he sits as the chief executive officer. Highland Capital Management has given out products to both institutions and retail investors that have won some of the most coveted awards. The asset base of Highland Capital under management stands at about $14.9 billion. It encompasses several subsidiaries such as Nexpoint Advisors which include the closed-end fund and NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund, Nexpoint Residential Trust popularly known as REIT, NexPoint Capital (healthcare BDC) as well as Acis Capital Management (CLOs).

The impeccable analytical career of James Dondero began in the year 1984 when Morgan Guaranty allowed him to be part of its team. In the very year, Mr. Dondero graduated from the University Virginian McIntire School of Commerce with a major in Accounting and Finance, holding the highest honors. Besides his degree, James Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). In the year 1985, Mr. Dondero joined the American Express holding the position of the corporate bond analyst. He left this organization in the year 1989 as a Portfolio Manager for about $1 billion fixed income fund. He later became the chief investment officer of Protective Life GIV before founding Highland capital.

James Dondero has been very committed to creating and improving educational opportunities for the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth area. He, for instance, announced the successful $1 million challenge grant from Highland Capital Management that is aimed at topping up the $16.5 million Family Place Capital Campaign. The Southern Methodist University also received a total amount of $2 million for continuing to provide its students with the opportunity for studying abroad and giving them the necessary skills to make them global leaders. In the year 2015, Highland Capital was hailed by the Dallas Business Journal as one of the best places that one can work at. The workers here are provided with the right atmosphere to allow them to be productive.

24 May 2017

The Administrative Record of Julie Zuckerberg Speaks Volumes about Her Rare Talent  0

Julie Zuckerberg is a competent executive talent recruiter and top level management scout who has helped many companies in the investment industry to get some of the best brains to handle banking portfolios. If one is looking for an exceptionally talented and highly skilled administrator to assist your organization to get foremost experts who can efficiently handle executive responsibilities, then Julie can fit your bill well. Currently, she heads Talent Acquisition and the leading executive recruiter for an investment bank known as Deutsche in Germany. The bank has had an enviable reputation from as early as 1870, and now she is playing an important role in continuing to build the solid reputation the bank has always enjoyed.



She first entered the sector of investing and the finance industry in 2002 when Hudson engaged her services as a Manager for Recruitment. From that time to this moment, she has had the privilege of working for so many prominent financial organizations. She spent five years with Hudson, and throughout her tenure, she was able to hire competent lawyers, paralegals, managers, support staff, and all sorts of employees. All the personnel she recruited, no matter their status in the company shared the same qualities of exemplary performance, determination, and dedication to their various roles. Her primary responsibilities included designing of mentorship programs and giving guidance to newly hired managers so that they could increase the organizational profitability.



Her efforts also enabled the firms she worked for to broaden their customer bases. Perhaps her main accomplishment has been the role of liaison that she has played between the employees and the managements of various companies especially in the circumstance that has shown potential for conflict. The strongest attribute that Julie Zuckerberg has is the background she has in law. The legal knowledge has always come in handy whenever she has to deal with the legal aspects of workers compensation, resolving conflicts or tax filing. She went to the New York Law School, Brooklyn College, from where she got a Law degree. Amongst various disciplines where she has proved her competence include giving guidelines, promotion prospects and briefings about career development



It was the superior qualities which enabled her to progress to Citi Global Bank in New York where she was also the head recruiter. The new performance benchmarks she introduced in the company paid handsome dividends for the organization. Her experience made it possible for her to initiate structural readjustments, and to introduce new management strategies which made the company compete with other giants in the financial sector effectively. Due to the new ideas, she managed to add Julie Zuckerberg has been instrumental in handling issues of equity agreements, the international relocation of expatriates, buyouts, and complicated policies of immigrations. Her hobbies are many and varied, but they mostly include jogging which she loves a great deal. She is also passionate about technology and photography. Interestingly, Julie finds time for animal welfare and human rights organizations. She can be consulted on all social media platforms.