NutriMost is making waves in the nutrition sphere. The dieting system was launched in Connecticut in 2014 and is already helping people lose weight. One woman lost 80 pounds while on the system and, after looking into the program’s strategy, it is clear why she found success.
How NutriMost Works
Every customer is analyzed on an individual basis with A plan is derived from personal preferences. Customers are then taught how to use the strategy to lose weight and maintain success. The “reset phase” evaluates how much weight has been lost and challenges individuals to stay within two pounds of their weight goals.

What Makes the System So Great?
Nutrimost technology is founded on the concept of everyone being different. Makers of the program understand that weight loss is different for every person. The system is, therefore, unique to each customer and not a cookie cutter diet that is ineffective in the long run.

Another feature that makes it great is its “reset phase.” Instead of setting unrealistic weight loss goals for a customer, the “reset phase” tailors aspirations according to the individual’s starting weight and physical ability. Goals are revisited on a continuous basis so that the program never gets old.