Fresh cooked chicken and turkey served with wholesome veggies sounds like a great meal for most anybody. In this case however, it’s the furry companion’s meal on topic here. Gourmet dog food has taken on a whole new meaning at the Freshpet factory located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. CEO, Richard Thompson is to the point of obsessive when it comes to the freshness and quality of their K-9 cuisine. This trend is catching on with other dog food companies as well, but as of this writing they are they only company producing refrigerated dog foods on this scale. Thompson is clearly confident with his statement “This is the next level of how people are going to feed their pets.” Another company on the heels of this new trend in K-9 food is Beneful. They are dedicated to producing mouth watering meals for your furry friends. With quality cuts of chicken, beef,turkey or salmon with accents of nutritious vegetables to savor. Beneful chopped blends are specifically prepared to make your dog a happy camper. They won’t even know that it’s health food! They’ll enjoy every last bite. With veggies like carrots, peas and tomatoes accented with wild rice, your pet will be healthy to boot. The science of nutrition is changing rapidly and it’s no different when it comes to our pet’s health needs. Beneful has prided itself on being a company at the head of the pack. With their new line of gourmet dog food blends, they are aiming to stay right there at the top. You can be sure that whatever type you choose, it will be gone in a flash. Dog’s simply love this food. The empty food dishes speak for themselves. You can purchase the meals on Amazon in single servings or in bulk for convenience. Either way, the combination of freshly prepared meat and veggies, smothered in sauce will have your four legged friend begging for seconds.