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20 Mar 2018

Desiree Perez Makes Billboard List of Powerful Female Music Execs  0

Desiree Perez was named as one of The Most Powerful Executives in the Industry, in the category of Women in Music 2017, by Billboard. She is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. She is known to be quite a tough negotiator for the company, and for all of her clients, and learn more about Desiree Perez.


She is no stranger to the music industry. Desiree Perez has been in the music business for over 20 years. She has known Jay Z, the founder of Roc Nation, for also about 20 years. The company serves in the role as managers to musicians. Over the years, she has negotiated many deals for her musician clients, two of which deals were for musicical artists Beyonce and Rihanna, and resume her.


Desiree Perez is a talented entrepreneur. Her husband, Juan Perez also works for Roc Nation, in its Sports Agency. Juan is the director of the agency. She has put her sharp negotiating skills to work for many sports figures, in addition to musicians.


When Jay Z opened the 40/40 Club in 2003, Desiree was there to help launch it. The 40/40 Club is a 12,000 square foot sports bar, located in New York. She assists him in managing the club, which attracts clientele seeking an upscale, relaxing lounge experience. Desiree Perez also co-manages Tidal, which Jay Z purchased in 2015. Tidal is a music and video streaming service, and


Desiree Perez is not only a business manager. She also has experience as a producer. She was the producer of the On the Run Tour in 2014, among her other achievements, and read full article.

23 May 2016

A Trade-Based Relationship Between Venezuela and India  0

Civilization has always had a foundation of trade. Every area of the world offers important aspects that another does not, and maintaining a you scratch my back, I scratch your’s mentality is crucial to keep all economies afloat. Coinciding with this long-term concept currently are the countries of Venezuela and India.
Lacking in crucial medications and necessary hospital pharmaceuticals according to Dr.Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Venezuela made the decision to trade a staple of their country with India in exchange for their necessary medicine. That is correct: Venezuela has tapped into precious oil reserves as a means to compensate India for their generous trade. Specifically in the works to be paid back is a top pharmaceutical company in India, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

While this plan seems proper enough, it will certainly be interesting to see if this deal is acceptable enough for India. Regardless, Aserne experts thinks a concept of trading goods for services certainly has been the foundation of civilization since the establishment of society. As the world anxiously awaits this turnaround, Venezuela is undoubtedly planning their next necessary barter.