When a person is registering for the mortgage, they definitely need a partner who will walk with them. It is important to get all the explanation and answers to questions a client may be having. This is what most people miss when they are registering for the mortgage. However, a game changer is finally here. Nationwide Title Clearing Company offers post-closing services, expert research, and document services. It was founded in 1991 in Florida. The focus of the company is to provide accuracy in research services and documentation. The company offers different document services, which include lien release, assignments, retrieval of lost documents and abstractor services.



In the process, clients are sure they are protected from any mistake. It is also helpful to the country at large because it preserves the land records nationally. When it comes to reports, the company helps clients in lien verification, deriving and checking the tax status and auditing. Over the years, the company has also been offering remediation such as collateral file audits. In 2015, the company was ranked number 3,081 on the list of America’s 500/5000 fastest growing companies.



Rewarding Clients



Nationwide Title Clearing values its customers and has now introduced Assignment Verification Xpress (AVX). This will be a faster service that will leave customers happy and proud. In the end, the customers will spend less and be assured the quality of research is high. This is an improvement of the Assignment Verification Report, which was being used previously. Over the years, clients have highly relied on research to survive in the real estate business. However, due to the high number of search results, the customers are now assured of using a platform that will customize their research. There are different documents in the AVX, which include the copy of mortgage, lost assignment affidavit, recorded rescission, target mortgage, corrective assignment and pertinent document.



Supporting Communities



Nationwide Title Clearing is spreading the love by supporting different courses in the community. One of them is to cook and share a meal with families with sick children. The company has also been on the forefront in supporting cancer centers. It is also supporting athletes making it easy to connect with the society and help eradicate different problems. It also organizes different events, which are open for public participation through volunteering. In the process, it is able to connect with the public and understand their needs. Therefore, it becomes easy to fine-tune their services to what they believe will be effective service to their clients, currently and in the future.


Read more at http://www.nwtc.com/ntclink/About/PressReleases/tabid/201/post/ntc-sends-execs-to-mba-servicing-offers-big-prize/Default.aspx for more details.