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10 Jul 2019

Neurocore In Boca Raton, Florida  0

People in Palm Beach County, Florida are fortunate to be located so close to Neurocore Performance Center. There are only a select few locations. One just happens to be located in Boca Raton. This performance center just like the many others all have the functionality of treating patients with severe brain illnesses that can be reversed with the right teaching and coaching. This center has cutting edge resources, neurofeedback, applied neuroscience and solutions for patients with illnesses like ADHA. Both children and adults can be treated at this location.


The neurofeedback procedure works with individuals to change their mind. This is an alternative method used to heal the brain. It does not require surgery nor toxic chemicals. The objective of neurofeedback is to revert certain illnesses and attacks on the brain by teaching it to function differently. Neurofeedback affects the lifestyle of its patients in a positive way. Individuals are able to live more joyful lives. Because of certain characteristics in the cerebrum and brain ailments like a sleeping disorder, loss of memory, and ADHD can form in the brain.


The achievement of Neurocore has been closely linked to the hard-working people who continue to make discoveries for the company. The staff gives their all to this company. They are dedicated and passionate about treating people who have illnesses that can be healed through the non-invasive procedure of neurofeedback. This location in Boca Raton serves thousands of people annually. They are in business to educate people about how they have the power and ability to take care of their brain and heal it.


Neurofeedback is a procedure that has truly been tested and proven as an acceptable form of treatment for the brain. Many people have tried neurofeedback and have seen a drop in certain symptoms that relate to ADHD, memory loss and insomnia. This procedure investigates a different way of treating the brain. All patients are not interested in surgery or taking medications. Some medications have harmful side effects. Neurofeedback is becoming a more common way to heal the brain without going the traditional routes of surgery and medicines. In conclusion, neurofeedback takes into consideration all the many ways mental illness can affect the lifestyle of someone. This procedure tries to bring back peace and comfort into a person’s life who has been drastically affected by the health of their brain.

09 Jul 2019

Talkspace Honest Review  0

Talkspace is a unique app and website for providing therapy and mental health services through a digital space. With Talkspace, you go through a unique sign-up process that is unlike any other comparable service. On this app, you fill out some basic profile information, as you would on nearly any website. Following this, however, you are placed into a live chat with a counsellor. This person is not your counsellor, but they will ask you a series of questions about your goals for therapy. Using this information, they will place you with a counsellor that they feel is best suited to your needs. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

This is not the only unique feature offered by Talkspace, however, as they also have an interesting process for changing therapists. In real life, as well as on most online mental health help services, switching therapists can be an arduous ordeal. You must re-explain everything that you have been through as well as how far you have come in working on any issues. With Talkspace, your entire chat logs and other history are transferred to your new therapist. Thus, after some catching up, your new therapist will be entirely informed on all your prior work – meaning that there is no explaining for you to do.

Cost-wise, Talkspace is priced competitively, especially when regarding both the online therapy industry as well as the real life one. The most basic plan, which allows for unlimited SMS and MMS messaging to a therapist, to be answered once daily, costs $196 USD monthly. Conversely, the most expensive plan costs $316 monthly. This plan gives you all the unlimited messaging, as well as a video therapy session every week. If you pay for these plans in six-month increments, you can receive 20% off. This makes the cheapest plan $157 USD monthly and the most expensive plan $253 USD monthly. Visit:

20 Jun 2019

The Career of Tim Ioannides  0

For more than fifteen years, the world of dermatology has been heavily impacted by the work of Tim Ioannides. A board certified dermatologist, Tim Ioannides is the founder of the multi-location dermatology center Treasure Coast Dermatology. He has spent his career helping people in the world of medical dermatology through a preventative approach.

In the beginning of his career, Ioannides spent several years completing common cosmetic procedures. This position was temporary however, as Ioannides always had a desire to focus on medical dermatology. Ioannides spent lot of work putting a good team around him to start Treasure Coast Dermatology. This practice was originally designed to serve the Indian River and Port St. Lucie counties in Florida. As a result of the center’s success today Treasure Coast has several locations.

Over the years Tim Ioannides has received excellent training that has prepared him for his current work. He has had the opportunity to study at some of the top facilities in the world. Tim Ioannides is a graduate of he University of Miami School of Medicine. He understands the importance of helping others and gives back to the university by serving as a Voluntary Associate Professor there. Ioannides has played a major role in influencing future members of this profession.

Tim Ioannides takes the time to serve on many boards and groups. Today he is a member of several groups including the American Board of Dermatology, he American Society for Mohs Surgery, and the American Academy of Dermatology. He also is committed to giving back to others and contributes to many local charities.

Tim Ioannides’s: Twitter.

26 May 2019

Hyland’s Infant Oral Pain Comfort Tablets  0

Hylands has been providing families medicine to homes for over 100 years. Since 1903, this company has created formulas for all ages, even newborn infants. Even though our bodies have there own defense system, sometimes its just not enough to fight out the battles we have whether its the flu, cold, allergies, body aches or overall pain. In fact, our defense systems are unfortunately the weakest when we are babies. The good news is that Hylands also has created formulas safe enough to help younger defense systems that need a little more help than those that are adults.

Common pain or irritation for babies and toddlers is when there first growing out there teeth. This is because they have softer and more tender gums, so the teeth making room in there mouth can cause the gums to begin swelling and become a painful process for children to experience.

Hylands is very aware of this, and that’s why they have created an oral pain reliever formula designed just for babies. It will help reduce the swelling while at the same time be gentle and friendly on there mouth. Hyland’s Teething Tablets is also all natural, so parents do not have to worry about harsh chemicals in there little ones mouth. No more need to worry about your baby having a fit, Hylands has the special recipe to keep them at ease.

See Hyland’s Teething Tablets directions of use here

28 Nov 2018

Dr. Saad Saad On How To Protect Your Children When They Go Back To School  0

Going back to school can be a fun and exciting time for your children. They can meet new friends, learn new things, and experience a whole new world outside of their homes. As a parent, your children going back to school can open up a can of worms when it comes to worrying. There are a number of topics among parents that bring up fears of their children’s safety including playing physically hard sports and vaccinations. These topic are filled with myths that have people debating about the nature about them all the time. Some of the main points include the necessity of them, are they are harmful, and so on. Dr. Saad Saad, longtime pediatrician is here to clear the air and finally put those burning questions to rest with real scientific backed evidence and answers.

One of the first topics that have parents talking among themselves are vaccinations. Dr. Saad Saad knows there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding vaccinations and wants to alleviate parent’s concern with science. There is no evidence linking autism and vaccinations together. If your child gets a vaccination, it does not mean they will get autism from them. The next misconception is that vaccinations are harmful for children because they contain toxins that can hurt your child. This also is not true. The truth is that vaccinations are a very small and weakened form of the disease. They will not hurt your child, but help them build up immunity to it in the long run. This way, if they are exposed to this certain disease, they will most likely not get it. They are effective ways to protect your child’s health. We all know children don’t have the strong immune system adults have so protecting them is even more crucial. If they contract any certain disease it can be life-threatening to them, opposed to adults fighting it off. Dr. Saad Saad urges parents to get their children vaccinated because it can one day save their child’s life. Smallpox was an epidemic disease that unfortunately claimed hundreds of lives back in the day. Because they were able to make a vaccine for it, they were able to have so many more lives, and even destroy smallpox altogether. The other hot topic for parents right now is brain injuries, specifically if their children play football. It is a contact sport, and parents fear even allowing their children to participate. Children can get concussions, which naturally scares parents. A concussion is cause by a blow, jolt, or even bump to the head. It is a traumatic brain injury by definition. If you believe your child has a concussion, visit a doctor immediately. Dr. Saad Saad says taking care of it head on is crucial. Learn more: