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11 Jun 2019

Gracie Farms Is A Hopeful Space  0

Sharon Prince is one of many people in the world who are engaged in the fight for social justice. She has founded an organization that is based on the ideas of peace and equality. Her Gracie Farms Foundation, founded in 2009, helps to forward her cause. In 2015, the organization opened a building for performance artists. The building, Gracie Farms, has been a beacon of social justice ever since.

One of the most recent performs to have made an impact at Gracie Farms was Carrier Mae Weems. Weems did a performance called Past Tense, which took on the issues of race, inequality and violence. She worked with a group of artists to convey her beautiful messages about society. She also used a variety of texts, images and words to convey opinions. Her work also expressed ideas about how human might make themselves go extinct through violence and intolerance. Of course, her performance resonated with the mission of Gracie Farms. Weems’ work took on themes of human and animal trafficking. The interdisciplinary nature of her work has made it into a great masterpiece.

Gracie Farms is a hopeful space—a place where social justice and good morals can thrive. It is a space where artists can express their observations about the inequities of society. It is also a place where people can educate each other about the topic. It is a place where people can take a breather, relax and become more educated about the struggles of others. Gracie Farms is also great because it supports various artists and is an avenue for them to express themselves.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a very educated person. She earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tulsa: Collins College of Business. She also earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Tulsa.

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27 Apr 2019

Guilherme Paulus Started to the development of hotels in areas  0

Guilherme Paulus at the tender of age of 24, set out to found CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. an impressive feat to achieve at a young age, yet Guilherme notes his partner and co-founder, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari played a significant role in getting the firm off the ground back in 1972. Over the next four decades, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens would grow by leaps and bounds to become one of the most successful tourism companies in South America. While Carlos Vicente Cerchiari would leave two years after the firm was founded in 1974, Guilherme Paulus continued to push forward to seek growth and success, a trend that continues to this day.

Mr. Guilherme Paulus has amassed over 35 years of real-world experience in the tourism industry, which he successfully leveraged to grow his company to what it is today. Guilherme graduated with a degree in Business, and during his long and successful career has garnered the reputation to take advantage of market trends early.

Mr. Paulus was able to utilize his unique insight and understanding to begin investments in the construction of hotels throughout the country. Guilherme Paulus started to the development of hotels in areas that would be ideal to complement his already thriving tourism firm. Taping into his foresight of market trends, Guilherme began building a hotel and resort empire. In 2005, the GJP Hotels and Resorts (GJP Group) was founded. Guilherme Paulus plans to further expand GJP Group by building new hotels around airports, which is prime real estate for hotels. In 2013, it was announced, Mr. Paulus had amassed a fortune totaling over $R 1 billion, landing him on Forbes list of billionaires.

When Brazil was announced to host the World Cup Soccer Games in 2016, Guilherme’s GJP Group already had an 11-year head start on the competition, which leads to massive profits for the firm. In 2017 Guilherme was named Entrepreneur of the year.

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11 Apr 2019 Partners With Intel To Develop Tech For “Stores of The Future’  0, China’s largest retailer partnered up with tech giant Intel in order to further explore the potential of Internet of Things in the retail industry. The two companies are trying to develop retail devices that will be focused on making personalized and convenient customer experience. They will be working with the Digitized Retail Joint Lab to develop the future vending machines which will be used for the stores of the future. In addition, media and advertising solutions are also expected to be improved.

The Digitized Retail Joint Lab Vending Machine is focused on making more personalized user experience through media and advertising. This will use Intel’s RRI edge computing along with its OpenVINO computer vision architecture. Powering the brains for OpenVINO is’s computer vision algorithms that will analyze customer traffic and in-store purchasing habits. Because of this, store owners will be able to provide personalized services as well as information to meet the demand and needs of their customers.

Zhi Weng, the Vice President of, as well as the head of JD Big Data Platform, stated that the Digitized Retail Joint Lab is aiming to develop high-end and cutting-edge solutions to by combining and Intel’s strength in order to deliver a more pleasant solution for online shopping and offline players. He also added that is looking forward to expanding its partnership with Intel in order to deliver the best-in-class personalized shopping experience to its customers.

Intel IOTG China’s Vice President and General Manager Wei Chen is also happy in the partnership. He stated that being China’s most influential retailer and an innovator, is one of their important partners. Wei Chen is also happy to take Intel and’s partnership to the next level. With Intel’s advanced edge computing, as well as’s big data analysis capabilities, the two companies are looking forward to developing a sophisticated retail ecosystem that supports JD’s “Retail as a Service” mantra.

JD’s “Retail as a Service” mantra is the company’s goal that they want to achieve as China’s biggest retailer. JD wants shoppers in China and in the whole world to shop whatever they want, wherever they are, and whenever they need it.


23 Mar 2019

JD.COM Leverages Its Vast Insights and Data Analytics Tools to Help Top Brands Boost Sales  0

JD.COM, the largest e-commerce company in China, has teamed up with top consumer goods brands to offer insights on how best to serve the Chinese consumers. JD’s Consumer-to-Manufacturer model, launched a couple of years ago, combines the company’s large data as well as customer analysis capabilities to optimize the brands’ products to satisfy the needs of the Chinese market.

Huggies diapers as well as Head & Shoulders are the latest beneficiaries of the Jingdong’s C2M initiative, which is aimed at increasing the sales of top brands. JD.COM announced the successes at their recent annual FMCG conference which brought together more than 900 representatives from various top brand partners where they shared their business strategy for the next year. Discussions at the conference also focused on the company’s efforts on C2M projects.

The biggest internet company by revenue with more than 300 million active shoppers has access to a strong database of customer feedback. Huggies leveraged JD.COM’s vast data analytics tools to learn how to maximize as well as improve the comfort if their diapers to better meet the needs of consumers. Last year, it used the tools and insights to establish why the popularity of domestic Chinese diaper brands is rising and consequently, Huggies launched a new composite material version of its Huggies diapers in China. Huggies has boosted its sales significantly with the partnership with JD.COM.

Head & Shoulders leveraged JD’s analytics tools and vast insights to realize that Chinese consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental friendliness as well as chemical composition of the goods they consume. As a result of the rising popularity of natural hair care products on its platform, JD.COM helped Head & Shoulders to release an exclusive collection of natural shampoo which is free of silicone. Consequently, the sales of these products exceeded 10 million RCEs.

According to Janet Cai, Head & Shoulders’ e-commerce director, stated that Jingdong has helped them to understand how consumers shop online and provided them with insights which helped them to develop the line of shampoo. The company looks to strengthen the partnership with JD.COM. Additionally, JD.COM has leveraged its capabilities to help top brands in other categories including consumer electronics. JD.COM’s President of JD FMCG, Carol Fung, stated that Jingdong is better placed to help top consumer brands to tailor their products to satisfy the needs of China’s discerning customers.

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28 Feb 2019

JD.Com and Rakuten Partner on Drone Delivery in Japan  0 is seeking to strengthen its reputation as a forward-thinking online marketplace by expanding its drone delivery services yet again, this time in Japan. Partnering with Rakuten, Inc., has announced that the two companies will share their expertise in drone delivery to advance autonomous delivery solutions and other supportive technologies, like dedicated mobile apps.

For three years, Rakuten has provided a line of drone delivery solutions in Japan and has collected experience that has made them the go-to provider of such technology for corporations and governments alike. Just last year, the company had its inaugural flight of an autonomous delivery drone, bringing this emerging technology closer to everyday reality for Japanese consumers.’s own drone delivery program started in 2015, making it the first retailer to reach rural china with drone deliveries. In that time,’s drones have flown more than 400,000 minutes. Their track record was so impressive that they started 2019 with a test flight in Indonesia, the start of drone deliveries in the region. For Chinese urbanites, the sight of drones dropping off packages at universities and at office parks is becoming more and more common thanks to this one company.

Koji Ando, Rakuten’s Group Managing Executive Officer, expressed the company’s interest in working with one of China’s biggest retailers and pioneers in drone delivery technology. This partnership, Ando went on to express, will expedite Rakuten’s ambitions in autonomous delivery and strengthen Japan’s logistics sector in ways that will convenience consumers and assist the country in meeting the demands of a more streamlined future.

Similarly, Jun Xiao, President of’s logistics lab, JD-X, boasted the company’s ability to reach remote locations in China with repeated success. This has made’s drone solutions more effective, both in meeting its delivery targets and in cost. Japan presents new challenges, such as remote islands and mountainous regions, giving Xiao new targets to meet in order to push the technology to act as a benefit for society as a whole.

The main goal of this partnership is looking to speed up the roll-out of Rakuten’s autonomous drones for delivery tasks across Japan, giving increased access to a growing customer base in the region, all while promoting the adoption of convenience wherever possible.

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21 Mar 2018

David McDonald: One Ambitious Dream for the OSI Group  0

The OSI Group transformed into the world’s largest producer and distributor of meat and protein products, and all of this is possible because of David McDonald’s actions. David McDonald is the current president and chief executive officer of the company, and he has one ambitious goal – to infiltrate each country and be able to sell the products from the OSI Group. Before he was chosen by the board of directors to become the company’s president and chief executive officer, David McDonald was the managing director of Marfrig, a Brazilian and European subsidiary of the OSI Group. Due to his influence in the department, he managed to get the attention of the management, and he was promoted to a higher position. Now that he was named as the company’s leader, David McDonald wanted to strengthen the presence of the company overseas and ordered more local management teams to be created. Local management teams vary from country to country, but all of them have one main goal – to ensure that the operation of the OSI Group abroad is smooth and going.

David McDonald can be considered as one of the main reasons why the OSI Group became a global powerhouse. It has been his desire since the beginning to contribute greatly to his OSI company’s success. He never failed the company with his dream, as they are currently beating their previous records and has been enjoying the stay at the pedestal. Currently, the OSI Group has partnerships with different companies abroad, and they are also acquiring smaller firms who are considered as competitors in the food industry, just like Baho Foods. The OSI Group acquired Baho Foods because they wanted to improve their presence on the European continent. Baho Foods is a Dutch company which also sells the same thing that the OSI sells, and David McDonald thought that by acquiring the firm, there would be less competition in the market, which is advantageous to the OSI Group.

Today, David McDonald is busy monitoring the company’s Asian satellite offices and facilities. According to David McDonald, they are putting a lot of emphasis and importance in Asia because most of their customers live on the continent. Home to more than half of the total human population, Asia became a favorite for firms like the OSI Group because of its sheer number of people. David McDonald claimed that a place with more people means that there can be a huge number of potential customers that would drive the revenues higher.

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02 Sep 2017

David McDonald- Taking OSI To New Heights  0

Founded almost a century ago in 1909, OSI Group has grown by leaps and bounds under the direction of David McDonald, the man who currently serves as the company’s president and it’s Chief Operations Officer. One of the most recent achievements that the company has had under his leadership was the acquisition of Baho Foods which is a leading Dutch company that specializes in the processing of Delhi meat and other foods. The company has operations in several countries across different continents including Germany and the Netherlands and its recent acquisition by the OSI Group is a move that will serve to compliment the group’s wide range of products and also expand its reach into some new territories, considering the OSI Group, the parent company, is one of the largest processors of meat in the country. Originally started in Chicago, Illinois, the company moved its headquarters to Aurora and today has a total of ten processing facilities in China alone. This is one of the few testaments to the growth that the group has continued to enjoy under David’s leadership.

If you are running one of the biggest meat processing companies in the world then you need someone at the forefront who knows what he is doing, has a keen eye for business and comes with the experience that is needed to get the job done. And David McDonald is just the man. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from the Iowa State University and has been with the IOS Group ever since. As a true testament to his hard working nature, David started working at the company as a mere Project Manager Right after graduating from the university and brought in a lot of experience too since he was also serving as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. It is only through sheer hard work, determination and dedication to duty that he eventually rose to the position that he now holds. In addition to his position at the OSI Group, David also serves as a member of the company’s Board of Directors and is in charge of all the company’s operations in Australia.

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