Civil and Human rights are things that people shouldn’t have to fight for. Sadly, we do have to fight. Even though the United States is a beacon of freedom in the world, we as citizens still have to be willing to stand up and fight for the rights the founding fathers meant for us to have.

Taking things lying down will result in the infraction and overall disregard of our wants, needs and freedoms. Thankfully there are foundations and organizations out there with the sole purpose of protecting these rights.


The Carter Center


In 1982 former President Jimmy Carter and his Wife Rosalynn came together with Emory University to form the Carter Center, a not-for-profit organization that actively seeks to better humanity and alleviate human suffering all over the world by protecting human rights. Lacey and Larkin also strive to prevent and resolve possible conflicts for the betterment of the human race.

Though they don’t solely focus on Americans’ rights, they are still a useful resource and advocate of human rights in the world. Their mission is noble, but they accept that failure is a strong possibility in their efforts.


Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund


Now, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a little different from the Carter center in that they strive for rights of citizens and immigrants alike here in the United States. The fund is dedicated to fighting for civil, human and migrant rights in Arizona. These rights include freedom of speech and Civic Participation throughout the Arizona area including the border. Learn more about Jim Larkin:


The fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after the two were wrongly imprisoned by a local Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The two journalists were taken from their home in the middle of the night after releasing articles that revealed a grand jury case which requested notes from authors who had covered the Sheriff in a number of articles. This level of truth telling apparently scared the sheriff. He trumped up some charges and ordered the arrest of Larkin and Lacey.


This would have been the end of the story had the pair not taken a stand. They sued the county and won a hefty settlement of $3.71 million which they used to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Now, they strive to protect the rights of others that have been done wrong in the same way they were.


Let Larkin and Lacey be a lesson to you. Don’t lay down and take it. Remember that, even if you feel powerless there is always someone willing to help. Resources like these foundations may be hard to find, but they are out there. Don’t give up until justice has been served for you or anyone else involved. Don’t let anyone else be wronged either, and remember that your rights are the most important asset you have and should be protected no matter what the cost.

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