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15 Jul 2019

David McDonald of OSI Group Discusses Company’s Expansion to China  0


In 2012, OSI Group celebrated its 20 year anniversary of being established in China. The company currently has a subsidiary operation in China and has used it to become one of the most trusted food suppliers in the nation. OSI China has provided a number of quality food items such as pork, beef, eggs, onion and chicken to many food service and retail companies throughout China. With its track record of success, OSI China was able to provide adequate food supplies to consumers and businesses during the 2008 Olympic Games. With not complaints, OSI China established itself as a highly dependable food supplier.


After the company OSI Group reached its 20 year anniversary of being established in China, the chief operating officer and president of the company David McDonald talked about the keys to success. One of the main reasons why the company has been able to establish an ongoing presence in China is due to making the company local, McDonald has said that OSI needed to get an understanding of how Chinese consumers choose products to buy as well as what they are looking for. Making the company cater to the local market needs has allowed OSI to prosper in this foreign nation.


While OSI has expanded to other nations such as China over the years, it still sticks to its main principles of conducting business. David McDonald said that OSI emphasizes customer satisfaction, food quality and food safety in order to maintain a competitive edge in foreign markets. With this approach, the company has been able to establish a favorable reputation in China. As a result, OSI has been in better position to earn the trust of Chinese customers on a consistent basis.


McDonald also said in an interview that OSI spent a lot of time developing trust when it decided to expand into China. The company had to invest a lot of time in visiting China and the customers that it was looking to get. He said that in all cultures, individuals and businesses tend to work with people that they trust. As a result, it was important for OSI to frequently interact with Chinese customers in order to get a better understanding of their needs and demands. Once it learned these things and began meeting the needs of Chinese customers, it gained a solid reputation in the country. David McDonald: From Iowa Farm to a Global Leadership Position

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03 Jul 2019 Uses Its Corporate Blog to Inform Followers About Its Innovations  0, or Jingdong as it is known to some people, is one of the most famous group of companies in China. It has been integral to technological development in Asia, and also has one of the most advanced drone delivery networks in the world.

Through the drone delivery network, has been using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver goods to various locations in China, which sets it apart from its competitors by a large margin.

But other than its retail operations and their advancements, is also known for being involved in various other technological initiatives. These initiatives include both conventional as well as disruptive technologies, with the aim being to test the limits of such tools.

For instance, famously participated in a blockchain supply chain program, which also included companies such as Walmart, to test the disruptive blockchain technology and its capabilities to track data. The aim was to check that food sources from farm to table remained traceable. This was to ensure that the food didn’t go through any contamination risks, and if it did, then proper measures could be taken to stop it. The initiative was launched in association with tech giant IBM, as well as Tsinghua University.

Through such programs, makes sure that it is doing its part in helping the human race advance into a world of modern technology. The aim for the company is not to only be the best at what it does, but to make a difference as it maintains that stature.

All of such developments are detailed on the Corporate Blog, so that those who are interested in reading about them could benefit from them accordingly.

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02 Jul 2019

David McDonalds Oversees OSI Group’s Ever-Expanding Business  0

David McDonalds is the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group, which is an American company that has emerged as a world leader in the provision of quality food products and custom solutions for the global food industry. One recent transaction that David McDonalds oversaw was the acquisition of Baho Food, an acquisition that will augment OSI’s existing market share in the European food market. Baho Food is a Dutch company that manufactures and supplies various food products to the retail and service sectors and owns five subsidiaries located in the country of Germany and the Netherlands. These five subsidiaries have business transactions with eighteen other European countries.

David McDonalds believes that the acquisition of Baho Food will result in OSI having a broader presence in European continent and that its portfolio of brands and products will complement, support, and enhances OSI Group’s ability to meet their customers’ needs. In addition to serving as OSI Group’s president and chief operating officer, David McDonald is Project Manager of OSI Industries, the Director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited, and a member of OSI’s board of directors. Academically, he studied Animal Science at Iowa State University and has a B.S. degree in that subject.

OSI, like other companies are in business to make money, but it is firmly committed to being an environmentally friendly company. For the company’s efforts, in 2016, OSI was presented with a prestigious award, the Globe of Honor Award. The British Safety Council presented OSI with this award in recognition of the company’s excellence in the management of environmental risks at a grand Awards luncheon that took place at Drapers’ Hall in London. OSI’s receipt of a Globe of Honor Award in 2016 marks the third time that company was presented with the award in four years. OSI was also presented with the award in 2013 and 2015. Besides winning awards from the British Safety Council, OSI has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s best food companies, consistently ranking near the top of their list of best food companies in America for its consciousness of the environment, commitment to sustainability, and the provision of foods other companies don’t offer. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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13 Apr 2019

From Otto’s Meat market To OSI Industries  0

The story of OSI Industries date back to more than a century. In the company’s early days it was known as Otto’s Meat Market. Otto kolschowski and his sons provided the daily operations, and these hardworking individuals turned this tiny meat locker into a huge success. Otto’s Meat market would eventually expand into food wholesale. The Kolschowski’s had to relocate into a new facility to meet its growth. From Oak Park to Maywood, Illinois, was the trajectory. As of 2019, the company has been running a thriving food processing business from its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

In the United States alone, OSI conducts business out of five locations, including Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, California and Utah. McDonalds, the world’s most prominent hamburger chain, was one of OSI’s first big clients. Business was so good to where OSI Industries would build a plant that catered to the production of hamburger patties. This plant was only required to work exclusively with McDonald’s. In addition to that, OSI has worked with a number of high-profile companies such as Burger King, KFC, Subway, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. The company changed its name from Otto & Sons to 1928. In 1972, Otto & Sons would become OSI Industries.

With a continuous effort to evolve with the times, OSI Industries has been able to successfully maintain its top position. What are some of the company’s food products? OSI Industries can produce a wide variety of foods such as cucumbers, fruits, chicken fried steak, chicken wings, pot roast, ribettes, Tofu, pasta, chili, salsa, onions, turkey products, bacon bits, slices bacon, flatbread, pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, beef patties, soups and many others. The options are nearly endless to some degree, and OSI specializes in custom-food production. What more could anyone ever want from a global-food processor, and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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11 Apr 2019

David McDonald Contribution to the Success of OSI Food Solutions  0

OSI Food Solutions has impacted the world positively due to its production of value added proteins since it was founded. Today, it is known to be one of the best companies that deals with the food products across the world alongside working with other giant companies in the same sector. One of the leaders that has seen the company achieve its success is David McDonald where he has worked for over 28 years. McDonald has pivoted the company towards its expansion to other states across the world while opening shops in countries such as Philippines, Brazil, Hungary and more in the United Kingdom. After striving for may years in OSI, he was appointed as the President of the Company due to his diligence to work.

As we speak today, David McDonald leads the conglomerate and ensures that its operations are successful. Food industry has been expanding over the years and many companies rising to produce processed foods. However, the products in OSI are some of the natural products such as poultry, pork, vegetables among others. Despite the quick rise of the market, David McDonald as ensured that the company stands out as it observes the different environmental hazards that may arise. Environmental sustainability has been one of the company’s goal-oriented policies. In addition, McDonald works with other retailers in the U.S more so Papa John’s, Starbuck, McDonald’s among others.

Different companies have established over the years’ courtesy of OSI Food Solutions such as OSI Food International. The company has also bought other food industry companies such as Baho Foods in Holland that deals mainly on pork products. Today, OSI Food Solutions company is focusing to expand further in countries in Europe through Baho Foods. OSI Food Solutions is one of the supplier of food products in many restaurants in different countries where they have numerous reliable customers. Today, they have over 60 facilities in different countries where David McDonald has garnered different awards for his protection of the environment as they expand their business. His company OSI Food Solution received the Globe of Honor Award among other companies contributing to environmental sustenance in the UK. Not to forget, Mr., McDonald majored in Animal Science before he joined OSI Food Solutions Company.

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03 Apr 2019

OSI Group Produces Pure Beef Burgers for McDonalds  0

McDonalds under Heavy Scrutiny

McDonalds has been under plenty of scrutiny in the past few years mainly caused by people who are wanting to show the food giant is putting more than pure beef in its burgers. Business Insider visited an OSI Group plant recently in order to discover no additives are placed in the burgers it makes for McDonalds. It was no surprise to OSI Group since they have been making MCD burgers for decades, but for those who read the report from one of few reporters allowed in a food production plant for food safety reasons-no tours are allowed in productive facilities to retain the high sanitation standards..

Gunzburg, Germany

Bsiness Insider reporter traveled to Germany to visit the largest OSI Group factory in Germany used to make MCD burgers. The OSI Group follows very strict procedures and steps in order to meet the high standards MCD sets for its burgers. First, the burgers cannot have more than 20% fat to beef ration. Also, no additives are to be put into the burgers in order to retain the taste of the high-quality beef used by MCD. Every one of the 5 million burgers made their daily, pass thru the exact process.

Precision and Accurate Production Standards Kept

First, the highest quality of beef slabs are prepared by certified butchers, next the beef is minced. Next, after mincing, burgers are mechanically formed into shape. No human hand touches the MCD burgers at any time. While the burgers are being shaped a food scientist takes 4-5 burgers and cooks them to run certain tests to ensure the highest quality. The food scientist replicates the MCD restaurant and cooks the burgers in 68-degree Celsius. Immediately after the burgers are formed they are flashed frozen to -18 degree Celsius and then wrapped, boxed and prepared to go out to MCD restaurants.

No Additives

The Business Insider reporter saw no additives being put into the burgers. No employee touched the burgers, but only a designated food scientist from the in-house lab was able to take 4-5 burgers to run quality control testing. OSI Group has produced MCD burgers since the franchise opened.

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