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30 Jun 2019

Ashley Lightspeed and Being Cautious  0

When creating a company, Ashley Lightspeed would know that it takes time and patience for seeds that were sown to pay off. Customers have to be happy and Ashley Lightspeed knows that progress must be made.

Remember, that success does not happen overnight. It must take place with persistence and dedication. The right people must be onboard and one must push it forward.

This is why most people do not start businesses. They want to be able to have something to fall back on and rest on now. It is not something to blame people for. There are costs involved in creating a large ventures, excess stress from all sides does not help in any way. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Keeping all of this in mind, with drivers already complaining about Uber’s controlling algorithm and demanding basic employee amenities such as minimum wage, benefits and health insurance, lowering their already low compensation wouldn’t really be a good idea. If they leave, they would leave for good. And those who work for other companies such as Lyft might not really want to switch to Uber given how the company has treated them in the past.

While Khosrowshahi has promised to change Uber for the better, and has actually delivered to some extent, the company still has a long way to go. Uber drivers are still not given the same benefits as fulltime employees, and it really doesn’t seem like the company would be going that far in its quest for change to make that happen. From what could be seen, it cannot do with more expenses over its head.

Given these developments, this idea to lower compensations could effectively be negated as well. It is not so unfortunate either, especially when you look at this from the perspective of the drivers that work for the company.


29 Oct 2018

OSI Group Food Solutions  0

OSI Group is widely recognized for being the most extensive food processor. The company offers quality food products and custom solutions to its broad customer base. The products from the company are distributed from vendors, and they ensure that the quality of the products is high.

OSI Group also partners with other food retailers and companies to provide farm and food solutions in the market. OSI was founded in 1909 in Chicago and up-to-date it still treasures its customers and provides services that cater to their success.

Their customer success can be attributed to their dedication in conducting thorough researches in the market and identifying and developing new ways to grow and innovate their produce. The farm products that they buy are inspected before purchase to ensure their customers get the quality they pay for. OSI Group offers advice to its vendors and encourages them to invest in high-quality products for them to buy. This has contributed to their excellent customer relations that they have acquired over the years.

Due to OSI’s remarkable efforts in environmental conversation, they have been recognized by the British Safety Council. They were awarded the Globe of Honor Award for being eco-friendly and operating in a manner that acknowledges and safeguards the environment. The company has a UK branch that was honored with the award, and the company was greatly thankful for receiving the award. Other than their philanthropic efforts in taking care of their environs, OSI Group has recently purchase Baho foods to diversify their products and increase their market sales. They managed to include new products through this purchase which include deli meats and snacks. With this purchase, the company hopes to reach a wider audience and diversify their clientele.

OSI has made waves in the food production recently that in 2017 they had to double their chicken production because of the increase in demand. From this, it is evident that OSI Group solutions are a force to be reckoned in the food industry. OSI is becoming more and more popular increasing their production rates.

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27 Aug 2018

Robert Ivy Received A Lifetime Achievement Award For His Work In Architecture  0

Robert Ivy received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in architecture. The award was presented by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This is the first time that this particular award was presented to an architect. There have been other notable recipients such as Morgan Freeman and artist Walter Anderson. The award is designed to recognize people who have made a significant impact within the industry and are connected with the state of Mississippi.

Robert Ivy has received many accolades as an architect. He is known for putting his craft in a position to be discovered by a variety of communities. Ivy has used his abilities as an author and as a commentator to spread the influence of architecture around the world. He has led several organizations to international recognition.

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Robert Ivy was named the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture in 2011. The membership at the organization has since grown to the highest in the 160 years of its history. Ivy also took over as the editor-in-chief of the Architectural Record. The Architectural Record grew to be the most widely read journal of its kind in the world while Robert Ivy was the leader. He also accepted the responsibilities at McGraw Hill Construction Media.

The Architectural Record thrived under Ivy’s leadership. It was recognized with the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. It is an award that is not normally given to a professional journal.

Robert Ivy continues to collect certificates of excellence. He was honored with a Craine Award, which is not normally given to an individual. Ivy also earned the title of Master Architect from the Alpha Rho Chi Architectural Fraternity. He will be one of only seven members to receive the honor in the 100 Year history of the fraternity.

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