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16 Aug 2019

Vijay Eswaran : Deal with your ego so that you can be successful  0

The entrepreneurial journey is tough for everyone, regardless of the preparation you take. To achieve your goals in business, you will have to learn how you can deal with the many issues you face every day. Vijay Eswaran and few other executives have grown their investments from scratch, and they have the kind of advice that will work for you. According to Vijay Eswaran, business owners have to deal with external factors such as hiring the right workers, raising capital, acquiring good customers and dealing with negative publicity. Some distractors will always be present to make your journey worse. Although these issues need your attention, Vijay Eswaran believes that the most complex challenges business owners have are the internal ones. When you can deal with your internal issues, then you can easily navigate the market and become a leader. This is the success secret individuals use to make ends meet.

Success has various meanings to people. Before you can reach your successful place in life, you will have to fight your internal battles every day. The most shocking thing is the fact that these battles are not against other individuals around you; they are only against yourself. You have to constantly deal with your ego so that you can remain a leader in the tough market. Vijay Eswaran, a renowned business executive and book author, discovered that his ego was one of the enemies of progress. The executive discovered the importance of keeping his ego in check every day so that he could create room for growth. The business leader wants other people in the community to fight this mentality and enjoy profits in their businesses. Everyone should have confidence and believe in their abilities. However, when this is exaggerated, things start falling out of place. Vijay Eswaran wants his followers to differentiate ego and confidence when in business. These two terms can make all the difference in your business. Confidence will make your journey easier, but the ego will destroy everything.

05 Aug 2019

TJ Maloney and Linconshire Management Inc. a Brief Overview  0


TJ Maloney serves as CEO of Linconshire Management Inc., which is a type of middle-market private equity firm. This group is in the industry of investment management. The President of the firm is Michael J. Lyons. The firm focuses on investing and obtaining companies that are growing in the middle-market. For thirty-three years, they have built up a track record of investing in the forms of several business and economic cycles and creates value through a hands-on operational focus.

Introduction Continued

The firm has several companies in its investment portfolio, such as Nursery Supplies INC. There was also Desch Plantpak which has gained recognition from 2017-2018 as one of Deloitte’s best managed medium and large companies. Also, Linconshire Management has invested in many different kinds of industries. Something notable they have done was in thirty years finish over eighty-five acquisitions in those industries.

Before Linconshire

TJ Maloney attended Boston College, where he got a BA. He joined Linconshire Management Inc. In 1993. He would then go to Fordham Law School and get a JD. At both those schools, he served on their board of trustees. In all, he served on 13 boards such as Wabash and Polaris Pool Systems. Before he went to Lincolnshire, he worked at New York City where he would practice merger, acquisition, and securities law.

Working At Lincolnshire

TJ Maloney joined Linconshire Management Inc. in the year 1993. Here he serves on the firm’s Investment Committee. Also, he has an active involvement with the investment companies. Maloney has also engaged in many deals with several companies. Some examples are AMPORTS, Prince Sports, Credentials Service International, and Kathryn Beich. TJ Maloney joined Linconshire Management Inc. There are many ways that he enjoys spending his free time. For example, he likes to read and swim and to do things with his family.

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28 Jul 2019

Nitin Khanna is a Tech Entrepreneur  0

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech and brings a wealth of experience to bear as he sets about helping companies find the right fit for expansion. It is matchmaking at a high level as he is an astute analyst regarding strategic partners and financial fit. He is based in Portland, Oregon which he passionately calls home.

The background of Khanna includes engineering credentials obtained at Purdue University at the Master’s level. Following this, he made several stops at notable corporations such as EDS. His ambition, however, was greater than being a cog in a corporate wheel.

He and his brother co-founded Saber Corp. in 1998 and they are a tech company that helps streamline and improve state governments. Their initial success came in the wake of the Bush vs. Gore Presidential election which highlighted the pressing need for serious upgrades in election systems. They eventually helped 21 states modernize and improve the security of critical voting systems. Their efforts aren’t limited to voting as they are also involved in many other government functions.

Nitin Khanna became adept at the sensitive endeavor of Mergers and Acquisitions during his time with Saber. He successfully oversaw eight such transactions during his tenure there and this helped lay the foundation for his next venture. MergerTech was the result of his skill and expertise and they are mostly involved with Tech businesses.

An average day for Khanna involves him staying up to date regarding all of the most important aspects of his organization. He also spends a significant amount of time with clients and prospects. Making sure that ongoing projects are on track is an essential part of his day as well.

The nurturing and sustaining of business ideas is one concept that Nitin Khanna finds paramount. He’s definitely focused on the long term and achieving fruition with every client that he works with. An effective mix of the big picture and more ordinary details help Khanna and MergerTech bring about excellent results with their projects.

One trend that Khanna highlights as critical to business success is social media. In a recent interview, he emphasized its importance as a make or break factor.

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02 Jul 2019

Smita Shah Talks About The Seven Ways To Assert One’s Presence At The Workplace  0

Being one of the top engineers and entrepreneurs in the world, Smita Shah is someone who is well versed with the concept of empowerment at the workplace. As an individual who has consistently had to be in male-dominated fields, she has been able to break the mold and stand out for the work that she does. With the incredible amount of success that she has experienced, there is no doubt that she is well aware of a system that works well and which can help others like her succeed.

In a recent article, Smita Shah outlined some of the key pointers that individuals need in order to stand out in the workplace. She states that these pointers can help anyone establish themselves better and can enable them to reach the goals that they have set for themselves. Learn more:

Here are some of the key points that she mentioned: 

1. Believe In Yourself

One of the first and most important things that one needs to do is believe in themselves. It is important to believe that you are capable of achieving your goals, provided that you work hard towards them. 

2. Conduct A Self Assessment

Before you set your goals and work towards them, it is important to conduct a self-assessment and understand your positives as well as your flaws. Samita Shah states that this is something that can further enable your self-development. 

3. Have A Strong Presence

Having a strong presence at the workplace is incredibly important, especially for females in male-dominated fields. Always exert yourself in a good manner and ensure that you are heard. 

4. Don’t Let Your Credit Go To Someone Else

It is important to give credit where credit is due, and if it is something that you have done, you should be able to achieve the credit for it. Make sure that no one else takes credit for the things that you have achieved. 

5. Set Short Term Goals

Setting the right goals for yourself is incredibly important and something that you need to be able to do efficiently. Analyze your strengths and note down the goals that you can achieve as a result of it. 

6. Leave Behind Female Stereotypes

While women are always subject to the general stereotypes laid out for them, you don’t always have to adhere to them. Women can be strong assertive and even take on roles traditionally done by men. Don’t let the female stereotypes come in the way of you achieving your dreams. 

7. Understand Cultural Factors

Understanding cultural factors and how to work past them is incredibly important for anyone who wants to establish a strong presence. People in different cultures operate differently, which is why it is important to understand the finer aspects of this to work better at the workplace.

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28 Jun 2019

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Advice to Young Entrepreneurs  0

Richard Liu Qiangdong has become one of the most popular names in the business and e-commerce world across the globe in recent times. It is due to the business and marketing strategies that he successfully implemented at his company,, which helped the firm become one of the biggest e-commerce companies of all times. As of now, it is the fourth largest company in China and the second-biggest e-commerce companies in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong had been interested in starting a business and becoming wealthy from a very young age, and it is what inspired him to study business administration from the China Europe International Business School after graduating from Renmin University with a degree in sociology.

Richard Liu Qiangdong knows what it is like to fail, and he failed several time before finally getting success out of He worked for a company named Japan Life, which is a herbal and nutrition firm from Japan, as director of computers for a couple of years before leaving the firm. Richard Liu also tried his hands with the restaurant business, but even that didn’t work out. However, the streams of disappointment he got before didn’t de-motivated him, but actually encouraged him to do better and search harder. When the retail business of his chain of stores in China wasn’t doing good during the SARS outbreak in China, Richard Liu decided to take business online. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but in due course, he was able to understand how the e-commerce business structure and management should be like. Richard Liu made marketing and advertising plans accordingly, and it went on to give good results and profits eventually.

Richard Liu offers excellent advice to entrepreneurs looking to enter the e-commerce industry. Richard Liu feels that the competition in the sector is high and they need to set themselves apart from others by providing excellent service to their customers. If the customer is not happy with the customers, nothing else will is essential that the customers get value for money by shopping at your e-commerce website.

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28 Jun 2019

Gustavo Martinez: Opening the Doors to Success  0

Very few have achieved the same success that Gustavo Martinez has. He has spent more than 30 years in marketing and advertising and currently serves as CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. His work has led to some of the most innovative, creative, and iconic ads of this time. Being the head of such a creative powerhouse requires certain traits that are forged with experience. As the head of one of the worlds largest marketing firms, he has a few things to teach aspiring professionals. Here are a few takeaways for anyone looking to one day walk in his shoes.



Active Listening


One of the greatest traits employed by Mr. Martinez on a daily basis is active listening. There is a huge difference between listening and active listening. The fundamental difference in the latter is to quiet the small voice in one’s mind when listening to others. Do not listen to hear what others are saying, but focus on their words and try to understand where they are coming from. Active listening is a trait that is strengthened with practice and is compulsory for a successful entrepreneur. When it comes to the arena of advertising and marketing the concept is doubly important. It is essential to understand multiple perspectives. One should approach problems like advertising in collaboration.



Creativity and Synergy


It goes without saying that marketing and advertising are fundamentally based on creativity. It is the ‘raw ore’ that it is built on, according to Mr. Martinez. The success achieved by giants, like himself, is built on diversity and eclectic backgrounds. Sometimes creative solutions are birthed from another’s experience, but nurtured by another’s vision. Putting together a team that works well together and plays on each other’s strengths is the key. The synergy that exists within his team is a direct result of his leadership. He spends ample time searching for the best of the best and only hires those who fit his personal standards. However, this sometimes results in even more creative solutions like hiring consultants. He believes that since creativity is such a large part of the job, it is important to account for everyone’s creative process. Consulting allows creatives to do the best work possible. It allows them to contribute their unique perspective to a synergetic partnership.





If synergy and active listening are the keys then recognition is the force that opens the door. Showing recognition for a job well done is a great motivator. Recognition can push people to new heights and inspire new ideas. Humans are instinctually drawn to this form of positive reinforcement.


So, remember to praise good work, encourage new ideas, and bolster synergism to achieve success.


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30 May 2019

Dick DeVos is the Co-Founder of a West Michigan Charter School  0

For years, Dick DeVos watched as Michigan was torn apart about economic strife. Many of the cities, including Detroit, have been unable to recover, even with a number of new objectives to clean up the city and rebuild. In DeVos’ hometown, he saw the same thing happening and wanted to help the business leaders maintain their businesses in downtown.


He started to work with a group of business leaders known as Grand Action. Together, this group would be responsible for the building of a sports arena, convention center, and performance hall. DeVos would contribute the performance hall and convention, but he was guiding many other projects at the time as well. In the 1990s, he wanted to affect bigger change in the city and rapidly grow the metropolis in West Michigan. This meant also looking towards the airport nearby.


While Grand Rapids had always had an airport since the early 1900s, there had been very little updates to the airport since that time. He wanted to work with the airlines and CEO at the airport to see if they could bring in more traffic. The first step was adding new destinations.


DeVos organized with the CEO of AirTran Airways, and after one call, he arranged to have new flights added to the airport location. This would include four locations that were popular business and international locations, such as Orlando and Vegas. These were also locations for some of the biggest conventions and business conferences. DeVos wanted to capture the business traveler audience.


Now that DeVos has been working with the FAA, he has been trying to help the airport expand. After just two decades, the airport has completely transformed into an international airport with a business center, large food court, and technological upgrades. The airport has even one awards and continues to be the number one airport for business travelers in Michigan.


DeVos has a lot of influence in West Michigan. As a member of the Republican Party, he has also supported his wife, who is the newly elected 11th US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. It has been difficult for DeVos to grow politically, as he was not successful in his run for governor in 2006. However, he continues to work with the FAA and help the agency with plans to renovate many airports across the country.


President Trump made a challenge to airports “to do better” than foreign airports, which seem to have more technology and convenience than America’s older airports. DeVos will continue to work with the Grand Rapids Airport and contribute to the discussions with the FAA as part of the Management Advisory Council. He joined in September 2017 and continues to meet with the council every quarter.


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30 May 2019

The Business and Management Team: Meet Lincolnshire Management  0

There is a private equity firm that is getting a lot of attention. Recently, Lincolnshire Management has been assisting business owners with producing their own portfolios. The portfolios help those in business realize what type of goals and objectives they are trying to reach. In some instances, they have a certain amount of time to work on their projects. They have to meet the deadlines before they lose a contract with another company. That can place a lot of stress on the leadership directors.


Lincolnshire Management assists with their clients with those goals along with working on their own company goals. For instance, Lincolnshire Management decided to sell a part of their company. They had first decided to invest into Holley Performance Products. As it turns out, Holley Performance Products are the largest manufacturer of automotive brands. These types of brands are stable for that particular business and industry. Although Lincolnshire Management sold Holley Performance Products, the company has still maintained its number one spot in the automotive industry. Lincolnshire Management has a great reputation for giving all business owners a chance to work with them.


Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986 by Steven Kumble and Frank Wright. After years of working in the business and loan industry, the company was able to capitalize on making close to $2 billion dollars. The company produced many different types of private equity funds during the course of striving for the best. With 55 investments, the company has chosen to invest into Riddell, Prince Sports, and American Coach Lines. These investments have secured the company. As a result, the two founders decided to choose another CEO. Today, the company is ran by T.J. Maloney. As the CEO continues to recruit the best candidates for business transactions, Lincolnshire Management will still continue to invest and sell in the lane of business and equity. In reality, Lincolnshire Management has put in a tremendous amount of work in order to complete contracts or agreements.


Lately, the company managed to sell National Pens and rack in $218 million dollars in profit. National Pen is known for manufacturing writing instruments and selling those at bulk to other businesses. The New York based company will have other future investments take place. As long as the team that T.J. Maloney has place together stays together, there is no stopping this private equity company. In fact, Lincolnshire Management is becoming a household name to those who are in the business industry. With that in mind, there are plenty of negotiations that can take place because of Lincolnshire Management.

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26 May 2019

JD.Com Working With Global Wine Producers To Offer Amazing Selection To Customers  0

Millions of people in China love a good glass of wine. Analysis of “big data” gathered by the China’s e-commerce giant, JD.Com, also found that people here vastly prefer to buy wines produced in other countries. Seeing opportunity and a win-win situation, JD.Com has been building a network that imports the finest wines from around the world so that people across China can have an amazing selection.

JD.Com, also known as Jingdong, recently formed a partnership with the Hungarian state-invested brand, Grand Tokaj. This venerable firm produces a unique kind of sweet wine grown in the Hungarian centuries-old Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region. The Grand Tokaj winery uses a formulation that dates to 1630 to create a wine unlike any other in the world.

In a recent initial offering, Grand Tokaj put 1,000 bottles of its signature product, Tokaji Aszú, on its JD platform. Those 1,000 bottles were sold out in just 10 hours! Even more exciting for the Hungarian firm, some 400,000 JD users followed the company in the Jingdong site. That bodes extremely well for future sales.

JD.Com has 300 million daily active users. Wine makers around the world are eager to tap into the selling expertise of the JD e-commerce team. They have mastered a data-drive “cold logistics” system with an unequaled ability to create the perfect match between a target customer with a product they are highly likely to buy.

A prime example of this when JD-Com used its data to determine that there was a specific demand for cognac sold in a smaller bottle. Jingdon teamed up with the Rémy Cointreau Group of France to produce and offer cognac in small bottles. It was rolled out during JD’s 2017 Singles’ Day Shopping Festival. Sales were enormous. Furthermore, the specially designed small-bottle cognac became Rémy Cointreau Group’s bestselling item through 2018.

Sales of alcoholic products are a fast-growing trend in China. Movement of this class of product has increased by a factor of 10 in recent years. Today Jingdong is working with wine makers from 50 nations to bring an unparalleled selection to its millions of customers.

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09 May 2019

Grace Farms Offers Variety Of Nature-Engaging Activities  0

Sharon Prince is currently the President and the Chair of the Grace Farms Foundation, a foundation that aims to provide a place for people to reconnect to nature. Since then, the foundation that she created has been known for its beautiful sceneries and help in the restoration of nature and its inhabitants.

One of the activities that Grace Farms offers is the seasonal bounties and the exploration of different walking trails. Visitors can participate in catch-and-release fishing and enjoy a peaceful time under the sun. Each program is created for individuals from all the walks of life. During summer, there are a lot of activities that take place under the sun, such as casual pick-up games. During the fall, the area is known to give a great view of warm golds, vivid oranges, and rustic reds. Also in fall, the activity called Fall Foliage Tours is held, which shows the changes experienced by 1,000 trees of Grace Farms during the season.

Grace Farms also offers different ways to biodiversity and ecological appreciation. It is one of the foundation’s goals to bring back and enrich the habitat of indigenous wildlife. In addition, the restoration of native meadows which are habitats of native wildlife is now nurturing the overall environment of the pace. As of now, the Grace Farms already restored 70% of the areas which are formerly native meadows. Over 80 species of birds, native bees, an butterflies have reinvigorated the area.

As of now, there are 40 species of birds that are enjoying their new found home in Grace Farms. In addition, the emergence of the Kestral Falcons, which are previously treated as endangered species, is a sign that the restoration efforts of the company have been so far successful. This open space can be shared with different kind of people that wants to enjoy nature.

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