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28 Jul 2019

Nitin Khanna is a Tech Entrepreneur  0

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech and brings a wealth of experience to bear as he sets about helping companies find the right fit for expansion. It is matchmaking at a high level as he is an astute analyst regarding strategic partners and financial fit. He is based in Portland, Oregon which he passionately calls home.

The background of Khanna includes engineering credentials obtained at Purdue University at the Master’s level. Following this, he made several stops at notable corporations such as EDS. His ambition, however, was greater than being a cog in a corporate wheel.

He and his brother co-founded Saber Corp. in 1998 and they are a tech company that helps streamline and improve state governments. Their initial success came in the wake of the Bush vs. Gore Presidential election which highlighted the pressing need for serious upgrades in election systems. They eventually helped 21 states modernize and improve the security of critical voting systems. Their efforts aren’t limited to voting as they are also involved in many other government functions.

Nitin Khanna became adept at the sensitive endeavor of Mergers and Acquisitions during his time with Saber. He successfully oversaw eight such transactions during his tenure there and this helped lay the foundation for his next venture. MergerTech was the result of his skill and expertise and they are mostly involved with Tech businesses.

An average day for Khanna involves him staying up to date regarding all of the most important aspects of his organization. He also spends a significant amount of time with clients and prospects. Making sure that ongoing projects are on track is an essential part of his day as well.

The nurturing and sustaining of business ideas is one concept that Nitin Khanna finds paramount. He’s definitely focused on the long term and achieving fruition with every client that he works with. An effective mix of the big picture and more ordinary details help Khanna and MergerTech bring about excellent results with their projects.

One trend that Khanna highlights as critical to business success is social media. In a recent interview, he emphasized its importance as a make or break factor.

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24 Jun 2019

Bennett Grabner – Successful in The Difficult World of Television  0

Everyone is familiar with television shows, and we all have the shows that we like, and those that we don’t. In fact, most of us can remember thinking that we might be able to create, direct and film shows better than the professionals. These are normal thoughts, but not very realistic. As in other aspects of the real world, success in the competitive world of TV production is very difficult. It depends on many different factors such as audience taste, budget, sponsorship, writing and more (Chronicleweek). 


To better understand, let’s take more of an in-depth look at the world of television production, and specifically let’s gain insight into the industry by looking at the career of Bennett Graebner, a successful producer of shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette:


This film director is a graduate of Vassar College with a degree of English. Bennett Graebner graduated Phi Beta Kappa and went on to attend film school at the University of Southern California where he received his MFA from the University in cinematic Arts. Upon graduation, he worked for a variety of different companies within the entertainment industry. He often worked in the role of production assistant and then ascended to higher positions along his career as a producer. However, Graebner also had an eye for framing and Lighting, and so took out numerous projects as cinematographer. This type of position helped give him a new perspective form film and television content.


Impact of varied roles


Because of his work in different areas of production, Grabner was able to understand all aspects of film development. It is this that has helped him get the results he needs from his team. 


Bennett Graebner Understands Entertainment.


Graebner success is largely in the field of reality television, and many people believe that this is different from other areas of production. When in fact, reality TV is similar to other forms of entertainment. The show formats deviate somewhat but as Bennett Graebner explains there still needs to be and the understanding of what compels audiences to continue watching, and there is a need to imbue reality TV with a similar level of intrigue as fictional narration.


To that end, it would be precise to say that Grabner understands story and structure. It is this that guides his production efforts. For him, it is important to create shows that have a beginning, middle and end as well as an important narrative Arc. This makes producing reality TV, in some ways, more difficult than traditional programs, says Mr Grabner. 

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05 Dec 2018

Clay Hutson Now Putting Together Concerts on His Own  0

For many years, sound engineer Clay Hutson served under other people. Now, he is his own boss, running Ronin Event Creative. But it is thanks to those years of working for other companies, gaining all sorts of experience in putting together shows, that has helped make Hutson and his company a success.


Not only did Hutson work on the sound for various concerts, he also wore other hats, including stage manager, project manager, and tour producer. When the company Hutson was working for began having financial trouble during The Great Recession, he decided to take all his accumulated experiences and strike out on his own. The decision proved to be a good one, as his company has been successful working with some of the biggest music stars in the world.


When asked about the key to being successful in his business, Hutson usually responds with two words . . . hard work. He has stated that he is willing to put in long hours in order to make sure everything is working correctly for a concert. Another thing Hutson does religiously is double check all the equipment and the setup to make sure it is all in perfect working order. Hutson also makes sure he has a list of every single thing needed to pull off the show. He states that even the most minor of details go on that list, and ignoring them could result in disaster. Because of this attention to detail and hard work, the musicians who have hired Hutson have praised his work ethic and professionalism. Hutson says that he cannot afford to miss any detail in a concert, as that could lead to an error and destroy his reputation. Given that he has worked at setting up concerts for acts like Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses, it appears Hutson has a very good reputation in the music business.

01 Jun 2018

Alex Pall’s Insights Concerning His Musical Profession  0

In 2016, the Chainsmokers released their latest track known as Closer, featuring Halsey, Andrew Taggart, and Alex Pall. Unlike other artists, Alex pall and Taggart worked towards revealing themselves thus weaving intimacy. Alex Pall provided his insights regarding his identity, his latest tracks and how he intends to evolve as his audience expands during an exciting interview. According to Alex Pall, his musical career commenced when he was a young boy practicing DJing as his hobby. Alex used to display his exemplariness as a DJ in New York while managing his other profession. During his operations, Alex Pall realized that his interest is directed towards dance music. At that time, his manager supported him and introduced him to Drew, who became Pall’s partner.

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According to Rosenzweig, the interviewer, Alex Pall’s strategy to sing his songs concerning his real life is outstanding. Alex Pall supports Rosenzweig’s opinion by demonstrating the relevance of writing his lyrics. In Alex’s opinion, he associates with many songwriters; however, he plays a significant role in establishing the words based on his real-life circumstances. Alex Pall postulates that some of his songs alongside Andrew Taggart were a result of their thinking entirely, while other songs were a result of their guidance. Alex Pall provides that the desire to influence his fans contributed to his zeal to release a song related to him and Andrew Taggart. Additionally, Alex Pall’s endeavors to associate with famous icons in the music industry like Halsey influenced his desire to produce Closer.

Alex Pall postulates that he had always wanted to collaborate with Halsey for a long time. According to him, Halsey is a cool, as well as, unique artist with a sophisticated voice. About his latest song, Alex Pall foresees the expansion of his audience in the coming years. As such, Alex provides specific, meaningful policies to implement to cater for the growing audience. Alex Pall states that he together with Andrew Taggart has to grow and keep pushing themselves towards achievements. Alex reports that advancing their visuals as well as supplementing their curative shows will contribute to managing the growing audience. Moreover, Alex Pall believes in inventing new experiences for his fans.