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07 Jul 2019

Hyland’s Teething Tablets for a Natural Solution to Teething Pains  0

There is little that is more frustrating than when a baby is going through teething pains. Anyone who has had a baby knows the struggle of dealing with a teething baby that is crying all night long. Along with teething comes pain, swelling and irritability that is enough to make any parent worry and stress. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are an all natural, homeopathic solution to the teething troubles. The instant dissolving formula allows parents to put the tablets in the baby’s mouth without worry of choking or spitting the tablets out. Hyland’s Teething Tablets have no artificial flavors, parabens or dyes, so parents can rest easy knowing they are giving their babies nothing but the safest products.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets are also free of belladonna and benzocaine! They are safe and effective, using the active ingredient arnica montana. Parents have enough to worry about without the troubles of giving questionable medications to their young infants. With Hyland’s Teething Tablets, parents can be at ease knowing that all of the ingredients are safe, natural and effective. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a safe alternative to unnatural medications that may cause unwanted side effects.

Hyland’s teething Tablets temporarily relieve symptoms of gum pain and sensitivity, swelling, soreness and discomfort associated with teething. Parents can give baby the tablets up to the recommended dosage on the package (depending on the age of the baby) for continuous relief of symptoms. Never give more than the recommended dose.

So when a baby is teething and suffering the potentially traumatic symptoms that come along with new teeth coming in, go to the local store and pick up some Hyland’s Teething Tablets. The all natural, homeopathic solution to those teething woes. They can be found at many retailers including Walmart, target and even online at Amazon. So put a smile back on that baby’s face and grab some Hyland’s Teething Tablets!

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27 Jun 2019

Carsten Thiel Is A Leader In Pharmaceuticals  0

Carsten Thiel is viewed as a pioneer and innovator in the world of medicine and he is currently EUSA Pharma’s European President. Over the years, he has been able to impact the lives of thousands of patients who have used the medications that he helped to devel and market. Some of these medications that Carsten Thiel was involved with include Neulasta, Vectibix, Prolia, and Strensiq. His ability to lead these successful launches has garnered him a strong reputation and his expertise is often sought by different companies. When making decisions, he always puts medial ethics first in order to keep the best interest of patients in mind.

While Carsten Thiel may be known for his business acumen, he is also highly educated when it comes to science and has multiple degrees to show from it. While attending primary school, he was known as an excellent student and this continued during his college years at Marburg where he studied Biology before attending the University of Bristol. At the University of Bristol, Carsten Theil spent his time learning organic chemistry and biochemistry. He concluded his education with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biolpgy which was earned at the Mx Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

After graduating, Carsten Thiel decided to choose the pharmaceutical industry as his career path and he began to climb the corporate ladder after seeing a great deal of success early on. His first job in the pharmaceutical industry was with Hoffman La-Roche where he worked as a Product and Communication. Because of a combination of scientific knowledge, interpersonal skills, and innovative ways of thinking, he was able to flourish in his role at the company and began getting promoted to positions with more responsibility. He understands the importance of marketing and being able to maintain a good reputation with the media and patients.

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25 Apr 2019

A Look At The History Of Orthopedics By Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum  0

 The history of orthopedics paints a picture of a profession that has undergone major changes. From the 1700s when doctors hardly knew how to replace knees and other joints to when they can do it in just a few minutes, there is no doubt that the profession has come a long way. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has always had interest in orthopedics and therefore, he sought to find out how the industry has evolved and the things that professionals should be focusing on when carrying out research. Such research, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says, is vital when it comes to the future of this industry.

Ancient communities and their contribution to orthopedics

Ancient communities were not spared from a variety of illnesses in the joints, muscles and bones. Just like the modern population, the suffered from situations that made them immobile. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says that these communities almost had no way of detecting the cause of such problems. However, they somehow treated a verity of these conditions. They could heal their people suffering from joint pains, but it had to take time because the situations that they were exposed to. Over the years, things have changed and so, the current population has sophisticated machines that they can rely on for such treatment.

The most important things to focus on

When it comes to modern stories about orthopedics, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says that it is important to avoid losing the fact. He says that although people are looking too much at the history, they forget that we already have a basis on which we can forge the future. Therefore, he wants these professionals to focus on restoring bones, joints, and muscles to their best shape instead of focusing on the past.

The Bronxcare Health system in New York is where Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum plies his trade as the director of orthopedics. He has been helping the organization to find the best solutions to emerging orthopedics issues, and this has earned him a place among the best doctors in the US. He studied medicine at the Albert Einstein, went to Brown University, and attended several other institutes to become the polished professional that people know.

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27 Jan 2019

The Sustainable Business Model Sussex Healthcare  0

The medical industry is a place where technology advancements meet the needs of the consumers in truly meaningful ways. The path to a successful facility is one that can’t be boiled to a hard list. It takes a combination of customer service and treatment options that resonates with consumers. Sussex Healthcare opened its doors to the southern England community over 25 years ago. Over the years, this facility has built up a strong reputation for its unparalleled atteniton to the needs of patients. In a recent Medical Daily Times article, they discuss how the unique skills of the co-founders have made a medical facility like no other.

Sussex Healthcare is designed around the concept of treating adults and elderly with mental conditions. At this location the patients will receive top level treatment, and a location to stay throughout the course of their stay. The two original co-founders each provide unique insights through their unusual backgrounds. Starting with Shiraz Boghani, and his professional history with hotel. He knows how to make an individual feel at home, while also realizing common pitfalls with long term stays. At the same time, Shafik Sachedina previously obtained a degree in dentistry and practiced it on a regular basis. His medical care knowledge is an extremely valuable asset in ensuring patients get the best quality care possible.

The company started 2018 off on a positive note with the addition of Amanda Morgan-Taylor to the team. As a young individual, she brings new and innovate solutions to how a patient and doctor should interact. Similarly, the company board is full of diverse voices who all have the care of the patients first and foremost in their mind. The facility is equipped to handle all mental conditions of any stage. Sussex Healthcare also boast having a living facility to match the preference of any patients who needs an extended stay.

As a whole, Sussex Healthcare has established a successful business model of customer care and devotion of to its patients. They have a strong 25 year track record, and continue to show signs of growth for the future.

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28 Nov 2018

Dr. Saad Saad On How To Protect Your Children When They Go Back To School  0

Going back to school can be a fun and exciting time for your children. They can meet new friends, learn new things, and experience a whole new world outside of their homes. As a parent, your children going back to school can open up a can of worms when it comes to worrying. There are a number of topics among parents that bring up fears of their children’s safety including playing physically hard sports and vaccinations. These topic are filled with myths that have people debating about the nature about them all the time. Some of the main points include the necessity of them, are they are harmful, and so on. Dr. Saad Saad, longtime pediatrician is here to clear the air and finally put those burning questions to rest with real scientific backed evidence and answers.

One of the first topics that have parents talking among themselves are vaccinations. Dr. Saad Saad knows there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding vaccinations and wants to alleviate parent’s concern with science. There is no evidence linking autism and vaccinations together. If your child gets a vaccination, it does not mean they will get autism from them. The next misconception is that vaccinations are harmful for children because they contain toxins that can hurt your child. This also is not true. The truth is that vaccinations are a very small and weakened form of the disease. They will not hurt your child, but help them build up immunity to it in the long run. This way, if they are exposed to this certain disease, they will most likely not get it. They are effective ways to protect your child’s health. We all know children don’t have the strong immune system adults have so protecting them is even more crucial. If they contract any certain disease it can be life-threatening to them, opposed to adults fighting it off. Dr. Saad Saad urges parents to get their children vaccinated because it can one day save their child’s life. Smallpox was an epidemic disease that unfortunately claimed hundreds of lives back in the day. Because they were able to make a vaccine for it, they were able to have so many more lives, and even destroy smallpox altogether. The other hot topic for parents right now is brain injuries, specifically if their children play football. It is a contact sport, and parents fear even allowing their children to participate. Children can get concussions, which naturally scares parents. A concussion is cause by a blow, jolt, or even bump to the head. It is a traumatic brain injury by definition. If you believe your child has a concussion, visit a doctor immediately. Dr. Saad Saad says taking care of it head on is crucial. Learn more: