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13 Jun 2017

Scott Rocklage: Developing Medicines for the Benefit of Man  0

Scott Rocklage has been with 5 AM Ventures since 2003, and he was already serving as a venture partner, and soon after became the managing partner, just a year later. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley where he got his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and in Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he got his PhD in Chemistry, through a research involving the laboratory of a Chemistry Nobel Prize winner, Richard Schrock. He has served either as a chairman, chief executive officer, president, board chairman, and other high ranking positions in a number of pharmaceutical companies – Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, Salutar and Catalytica, Relypsa, Novira, Ilypsa, Miikana and Semprus among others. Presently, he is with Renovia, Kinestral and Cidara, where he serves as a board chairman and in Epirus and Pulmatrix where he serves as a board member and more information click here.



Through his 30 year career in the healthcare management industry, his experience combined with his strategic leadership responsibilities has led to the approval of three new drug application by the FDA: Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin. He is also fond of creating new things, being credited as an inventor or a co-inventor in more than 30 US patents, and another 100 plus peer reviewed publications.



Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Scott Rocklage oversees 5 AM Ventures from his office. He stated that his business can be described as a firm which focuses more on life-science based venture capital. He noted that the name came from an idea that their company is still in its early stage, so they named it 5 AM because he thought that that time is considered early. He loves to study, and in his spare time, he attains new knowledge by reading topics about life science, or doing corporate tasks like overseeing his company portfolio and attending meetings of the board. Scott Rocklage is working with a lot of scientists, physicians and business people from around the world, trying to create medicines that would treat incurable diseases and supplements for the body. Scott Rocklage stated that he is not afraid to taking risk, that is why he keeps on using his knowledge to experiment and trying new things, because he believes that it can result into a discovery that would benefit mankind for a long time and learn more about Scott.


07 Jul 2016

Stephen Murray Helped Us Invest Better  0

I only got one meeting in with Stephen Murray before he passed away, but I consider it a really important meeting.

It was one where he helped me make sure that I was going to get good results from my investments, and he also brought in a broker who was going to help me on a daily basis. He left me with a good broker, but he also left me with his number that I could use at any time. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He offered really nice customer service, and he showed me that a large company like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital could be personable.

He was working on a new fund when I met him the first time, and I also made sure that I was talking to him about things that mattered to my company. I just wanted to be sure that I could get the best results possible from my investments, and I also wanted to be sure that I could work with a company that was going to grow with me.

The only way to do that was to make sure that I kept in touch, and I had one of his proteges helping me every day.

The best thing about this for me was that I got to set up personal and business accounts. I was able to learn a lot about how to invest, and I was given good advice that made the most sense for me as a person.

Stephen Murray got me on the right track, and then he showed me that his company was the best one to work with. I am so grateful for all that he has done, and I am even more grateful that he has helped so many people like me. We are making a lot of money at CCMP Capital because of Stephen Murray.

15 Jun 2016

Andy Wirth Talks About the Drought  0

Recently on KCRW radio, Andy Wirth sat down with the host in order to talk about not only his business, but also how his business is affected by the drought that has been plaguing the West coast. Andy Wirth is a prominent businessman who has been passionate about combining both business and the enjoyment of nature.

As a result of this strong passion, Andy Wirth is the proud owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is a luxury resort located in the Olympic Valley. As Mr. Wirth’s business is reliant on rainfall and snow fall, this popular radio station was curious to hear his response as to how his resort would be affected and to whether or not the resort would be in any immediate danger. Read more: Andy Wirth – and How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?
When talking to Andy Wirth, the KCRW radio station hosts were surprised to hear of Andy Wirth’s positive outlook of this drought. Andy Wirth states that he is not threatened by the lack of rainfall as it will lead to more investment opportunities as well as more incentive to conserve the natural resources.

Andy Wirth even stated that he has been looking into investing in the snow making business. Rather than rely on the natural snow fall, Mr. Wirth would make his own snow which would make his resort one of the most popular resorts in the West coast. Andy Wirth believes that as a result of the lack of rainfall, his business will go up along with overall revenue.

For five years Andy Wirth has held the position of CEO and President of this luxury resort. Andy Wirth has since then made improvements and renovations that have brought the community and new individuals together.

In addition to creating more snow through investments, Andy Wirth has stated that he will add more festivals to the winter calendar if the lack of rainfall truly becomes more of an issue. As the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is renowned for the summer festivals, Andy Wirth will have no problem in creating more winter festivals to attract more than just the ski enthusiasts.

As a businessman, Andy Wirth sees the 27 percent decrease in rainfall as an opportunity rather than a hardship. Andy Wirth has decided that this will be good for his company as it will teach him and his staff members to conserve and to not waste any scare economic good. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

When Andy Wirth was asked how many winters his resort could make it without rainfall,Mr. Wirth kindly responded with an infinite number of winters. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has over 6,000 acres of snowy plains that will not melt for many years. Andy Wirth has decided that he is up for this challenge.

26 May 2016

Brian Bonar Receives Recognition For His Exceptional Experience In Finance  0

Brian Bonar has spent over three decades in the industry of professional and financial management. This exceptional level of experience and knowledge has earned him the Who’s Who honor from Cambridge. Brian was nominated for the award for his upstanding work and dedication at the Dalrada Financial Corporation
The Cambridge, Who’s Who award is traditionally awarded to four different recipients. The top two female and male executives for the year. Brian has spent more than a decade of his career working at the Dalrada Corporation, and it is his work that attributed to the overall success of the company. Nomination for the award is proof of his strong leading ability, academic achievements, and professional accomplishements. He currently holds many degrees from the prestigious Stafford University.

Brian Bonar is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Dalrada Financial Corporation, and he is responsible for seeing the benefits of aftermarket effects through a wide variety of employees.

He is also responsible for the variable product distribution provided to customers in order to increase business efficiency. He made sure Dalrada Corporation protected employees and ensured benefits with risk managements insurances. Many of his fellow professional employees give remarks on his exceptional diligence and leading ability and that fact that he actively pursues action instead of waiting for things to happen. He shows great concern for the well-being of his employees as a financial manager.

Brian Bonar received his bachelors in Engineering as well as his masters from the University of Stafford. With his exceptional marketing abilities, he managers to supply printers around the globe while working at the company he founded, Bezier Systems. He came up with the idea for a special printer named the SCSI, which was the first one of its kind.

On top of his current position at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian is also a chairmen at Truceps Technologies, where he is in charge of handling staffing as well as products and services related to insurances. He has been involved with a wide variety of different companies, all adding to his experience in the industry.  Read more: Brian Bonar – and Brian Bonar | Whitepages

He is currently the owner of a prestigious hotel in Escondido, which he named Bellamys. Currently, the hotel is rated as 4-star and provides some of the very best cuisines from around the world. Brian spent time to outsource work from master chefs for his hotel in accordance with the famous reputation in Escondido. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

His exceptional industry experience and knowledge in marketing and finance earned him a title as a renowned entrepreneur. Even though his background in engineering, Brian has used his marketing skills to help many different firms in the past.

On top of his successful career in business, Bonar is also a humanitarian who is devoted to giving back to the community. He has partnerships with the organization Lions Clubs International.

31 Mar 2016

Break Some Beauty Rules with Doe Deere!  0

Xenia Vorotova, also known as Doe Deere, is a leading innovative cosmetic manufacturer with a passion for fashion! Xenia found her name of ‘Doe Deere’ back in 2007 because of her passion for the doe-eyed makeup trend of the time, which is still quite popular today.

From a dream of cosmetology in the makeup field as a child, and a passion for animal cruelty-free products, Doe Deere has hit it big with her line of makeup called LimeCrime. She had decided that there simply was not one brand of makeup that gave her the vibrant colors that she had desired, and thus began her career with LimeCrime.

Doe Deere first began her interest in entrepreneurship with a shop on eBay. She had named her eBay shop LimeCrime, and since has become a colossal success. Doe Deere calls her fans her “Unicorns” because she believes that her fans, much like unicorns, were born different and are proud of it.

As with being different, Doe Deere would like to challenge common beauty ‘rules.’ The first rule that the lovely Doe Deere would like the challenge is wearing bold eye makeup with a bold shade of lipstick. Contrary to popular belief, wearing both a bold eye and lip set of makeup can look extremely sophisticated.

Secondly, let’s challenge the belief of never mixing too many colors. Who cares! Let your artistic bright side shine through like sunlight! In a world, so dull, we need a splash of color in out lives! When it comes to which colors to put together, trust your gut and if you think it looks good, rock that outfit with confidence!

Now, let’s talk about mixing patterns. Though it may seem strange to mix denim with floral, or polka dots with plaid, it can make an extreme fashion statement and with the correct color combinations, you can rock a totally new fashion experience.

Fourth on the list of the best fashion rules to break is wearing socks with open toed shoes. Though, it may seem weird at first, you’d be surprised at what a great fashion statement this makes on a night on the town.

Some people claim that if you have unnaturally colored hair, you should only wear black or neutral colored clothing. Forget this! Alongside breaking rule num two, is letting those colors run free! Life is boring without a splash of color.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to dress up only for occasion, sometimes its nice to just throw on that perfect black dress and your favorite pair of heels, and just enjoy yourself. If it makes you feel beautiful, go for it!

03 Feb 2016

Doe Deere Shares Her Favorite Fashion Rules To Obliterate  0

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime as a way for women to break fashion rules whenever they liked. Bright colors were simply not available from the largest cosmetics lines in the world, and Doe wants women to have better choices. This article explores a few fashion “rules” Doe prefers to break, and each broken rule allows women to dress freely in the morning. Women who want to dress with their personal style in mind must take Doe’s words to heart.

#1: Never Be Afraid To Wear Bright Colors Together

Women have been told for centuries that they must wear bright colors with neutral colors, but Doe wants women to wear as many bright colors as they like. Lime Crime creates bright colors for women to wear on their lips and eyes, and Doe wants women to wear bright green with bright orange if they so choose. The freedom to wear every color imaginable will open up a woman’s wardrobe to untold possibilities.

#2: Mix As Many Patterns As Needed

Mixing patterns is a fashion faux pas in many circles. Designers are asked not to mix patterns, but that rule is slowly going by the wayside. Doe wants women to wear their plaid shirt with a striped skirt just for fun, and she hopes women will mix patterns while wearing the brightest colors they can find. The combination of two broken fashion rules makes a woman’s wardrobe that much more interesting.

#3: Show Off Those Stockings

Stockings are often hidden behind long skirts and closed-toe shoes, but Doe asks women to show off their stockings in their open-toed shoes. Women have been told that they must hide their socks or stockings, but there are amazing socks and stockings with lovely patterns that women may show off using their open-toed shoes. This is a fun fashion rule for women to break when they want to be as cute as they can be.

Breaking fashion rules is an exciting prospect for every woman who has questioned why she must follow certain rules when she is getting dressed in the morning. The fashion rules that Doe has broken may be obliterated in every closet around the world, but women must be bold enough to break the rules. Doe wants women to wear bright colors that come from her Lime Crime line, and she hopes women will match their personal styles to the old fashion rules they choose to ignore.

15 Jan 2016

How Stephen Murray Has Built the CCMP Capital Firm  1

For the average person, investing their private equity can be a difficult and risky task. You might think about putting your money into stocks or bonds, but you do not know the first thing about looking at the stock market. If you are looking to invest funds but need a lot of help, you might want to work with the CCMP Capital. The CCMP Capital company is there to assist average people just like you when it comes to their investments. They can help to figure out the best investments available as well as manage those investment decisions for you.

Stephen Murray is the former president and chief executive officer of the CCMP Capital firm. He built the business to what you see of it to this day and it is why the firm is as successful as it currently is. Mr. Murray has gone to college for finance and business, allowing him to know a thing or two about what it takes to make a smart investment for people. Steve Murray continues to work with the CCMP Capital company to this day and strives to make it one of the top investment firms in the country at the current moment.

While it is easy to understand how beneficial institutional investor your money can be long-term, it is the short-term decisions that can sometimes cause you to lose lots of money. Thankfully, you can get the investment assistance that you need from the professionals working for the CCMP Capital firm. This takes the guesswork out of making proper investments and knowing that you are going to be growing the funds you have put into the investment of your choosing. The experts can help you to know which investments are riskier than others and which ones will see a growth in your money over time.

Having your money grow in a good investment is easy when you have the help of professionals by your side. There is nothing more devastating than putting your funds into some type of stock or bond and then to see that stock crash and you lose everything that you put into it. The best way to avoid this if you are new to the world of investing is to work with CCMP Capital and the professionals who are employed by the company. They can set up investment accounts for you, educate you on what to look out for as well as help to manage these investments over the course of many years as you have your money put into them. This is an easy and quick way for you to have the funds you need without having to work for it and just allow it to grow steadily over the years.

09 Oct 2015

Stephen Murray in the World of Business  1

Today there are many people who want to be involved in the business world, but with its growing success and competition, those who want to pursue a business career are faced with many difficulties. Since a good business includes a good strategy as well as a good approach, people need the right role models who will be representatives of what a successful businessman looks like. This is the case with Stephen Murray, who was one of the most prominent businessmen.

Stephen Murray was the former President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, which is a private firm that focuses on growth equity transactions. He graduated in 1984 from Boston College and spent the best part of his career in private equity, thus greatly contributing to the success of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. In 1984, Mr. Murray became a part of the training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. After that, he joined JPMorgan’s merchant bank in order to build an equity business, and during this time he proved to be a terrific investor. He was named its CEO in 2007, thus helping the firm establish a new identity with its investors. Last year, this firm raised $3.6 billion fund thanks to Mr. Murray.

Apart from this, he was a philanthropist who supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro in New York, Columbia Business School and Stamford Museum. He died this year at the age of 52, leaving behind a great work and accomplishments.

CCMP Capital represents a private firm that focuses on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout. It was founded in 1984, and since then, it has changed several names. The first name was Chemical Venture Partners, and it was later changed into Chase Capital Partners. After that, it changed the name into JP Morgan Partners.

In 1984, Mr. Murray was hired as a trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co, which became a part of JP Morgan Partners in 2000. Five years later, Mr. Murray was named the head of the buyout department the bank, and he invested in middle-market deals, which contributed to a great success. However, Mr. Murray had to leave this firm due to his health problems.
This firm has now won support to continue investing from the latest fund, and a certain number of partners supported a reinstatement of the fund.

Taking all these things into consideration, one can conclude that a good strategy and leadership are necessary in order to succeed in this competitive business word, and that was something that Stephen Murray surely possessed, which is not a surprise why he now serves as a role model to many individuals who want to pursue this career.

29 Sep 2015

The James Dondero Investment Mastery  1

Investment banking is one of the most important components and backbone of the economy. Investments lead to the development of small firms hence the continued operation and growth in many sectors. The field has many experts, but among the most respected individuals is the Highland Capital Management President. Highland is an investment cooperative founded by one of the leading investment advisor, James Dondero. He has over 20 years of experience in the investment and critical decision making. Besides, his company is widely known since it is a pioneer in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligations

He is also a member of Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare. James is an active philanthropist that support various initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life such as education, veteran’s affair, and public policy. As a Chief Investment Officer, he has helped in building institutions like GIC subsidiary, which he supported by donating $2B. He has served as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager at American Express.

His career started in 1984, in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He passed with highest honors from the University of Virginia. Also, he is a Certified Management Accountant hence earning the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. James Dondero of has received various prestigious awards such as The Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities and also ranked as the best Long and Short Equity Fund in 2014. Early 2015, he was nominated at the Nexpoint Residential Trust Inc. as the President of Nexpoint advisors. His total assets under management investment are about $20 billion.

As a norm, the world is always waiting for James next decision on investment since his decisions have a positive impact on the economy. Highland has expanded over the years and currently has over one hundred employees. As the President, James chose a slogan that will enhance growth and sustainability. The slogan emphasizes on experience, discipline, and boldness. Dallas, Texas, is the place of physical location of the company headquarters. It has offices in various countries such as New York, London, and Singapore.

James had previously partnered with Josh Terry and Mark Okada to establish a product affiliate known as Acis Capital Management. Highland Capital Management Firm offers services like risk and product optimization and portfolio management services. Recently, HCM was reviewed by Glassdoor, and they analyzed that it is the best destination workplace in terms of competition and readiness.

In a business talk in Dallas, James explained that, for people to understand investment field they have to keep in mind that investment involves the buy side. It involves a provision of advice to various institutions that might be interested in buying the investment services. On the other hand, the sell side involves trading of various securities and their promotions.
He previously explained that public investment deals with public information such as stock analysis.

27 Sep 2015

Kenneth C. Griffin ’89: Investor and Humanitarian  1

Using a fax machine, PC as well as a telephone, Ken Griffin on turtletrader began doing business from his dorm room in Harvard in 1987. From this humble yet determined beginning, Griffin attracted hedge-trust pioneer plus co-founder of Chicago-based Glenwood Partner, Frank Meyer. Griffin’s performance gave him the chance to start what would turn out to become Citadel.

Many years ago before shiny smartphones or fast WiFi were ever invented Kenneth C. Griffin was transacting bonds from his dorm room whenever he had time off economic classes.

Griffin had persuaded Cabot maintenance to rigout a satellite dish on rooftop, winding cables via a window plus elevator shaft, and into his dorm room in second floor. The innovative student furthermore raised $265,000 from his relatives and friends in order to finance his investment project.

However, his fellow Cabot learners may have considered the effort quite uncommon; Griffin stated it wasn’t all that unusual.

“The great thing about Harvard is there’s such diversity in the student body and so many students are doing really fascinating and interesting things,” Griffin stated. “In the context of Harvard, this story wasn’t exceptional.”

Though Ken Griffin gives a lower profile of the Cabot investment plan, he has ever since attained extensive acclaim due to his extraordinary performance as a hedge-trust manager.

Mr. Griffin initiated Citadel in 1990 and similarly serves as the company’s CEO. A diversified financial institution, the Citadel conglomerate comprises of Citadel, a business-leading alternative property director, Citadel Securities, among the leading liquidity givers in America’s capital marketplaces; as well as Citadel Technology, a solutions facilitator for venture management technology. Over 1,250 group members serve in Citadel worldwide currently.

Citadel Capital Firm oversees $19.6 billion in investments. In 2013, he featured as one of the youngest associates of Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans, at position 103 with $4.4 billion as his net worth.

Griffin is a dynamic supporter of training causes, which lead to society improvement. He works on the Board of Directors of Chicago Public Education Fund. Mr. Griffin is furthermore a proud adherent of Harvard University his alma mater, where he attained his undergraduate degree. Mr. Griffin’s patronages to enhance and augment the livelihoods of other people have equaled over $250 million via personal contributions plus through Citadel Foundation. Most remarkably, he has been involved in University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, alongside the Art Institute. He similarly donated $150 million in financial support to Harvard, the greatest gift the institution has ever received in its history.

Griffins presently says that the 3 years he schooled at Harvard assisted to foster his desire for investment plus commitment to philanthropy.

Mr. Griffin is an associate of several business organizations, comprising of the Economic Club of Chicago, G100 plus the Civic Committee of Commercial Club of Chicago.

He serves in the Board of Trustees for Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum plus the University of Chicago.